Man curses out CNN reporter while she’s live on air

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A man cursed out a CNN reporter while she was live on air covering protests in Minneapolis over the police death of Daunte Wright, video shows. 

CNN correspondent Sara Sidner was reporting live around 9:45 p.m. EST Monday on the clashes between protesters and cops when an unnamed man came into her shot and started screaming at her, a clip of the interaction shows. 

“Now you can see y’all be twisting up the story,” the man says before trying to snatch Sidner’s mic away. 

“Tell me what you think about what’s going on here,” Sidner replies. 

“What I think about is this is all the press and all the extra s–t y’all do makes this worse,” the man said. 

Sidner tried to reason with the man and listen to his concerns, but he was primarily upset about the media presence in the town, saying repeatedly the press need to “get up outta here with all that twisting up the media ass s–t.” 

The veteran reporter later took to Twitter late Monday to address the incident, writing, “I’m not going anywhere.”

“I love Minneapolis, it’s surrounding suburbs including #BrooklynCenter, and it’s people.  I get that people are mad. It’s normal. I take no offense. Emotions are understandably high,” Sidner wrote. 

In a later tweet, she wrote that “interactions happen to me OFF camera regularly.”

“I’m used to it. It just so happened this was on live TV. I also have interactions w people all the time who thank us for being here and telling their truth. It is okay to question us,” Sidner wrote. 

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