Lockdown in luxury: £140m superyacht spotted moored off Dorset

Lockdown in luxury: Billionaire Russian oil baron’s superyacht worth £140million and measuring 272ft in length is spotted moored off Dorset with those on board ‘self-isolating’

  • It is not known whether the owner, Alexander Dzhaparidze, is on board the yacht in Poole Quay, Dorset
  • The 272ft vessel does have people on board and they are said to be self-isolating amid the Covid-19 outbreak
  • The luxury yacht, worth £140m, has a pool, jacuzzi and an indoor cinema across its five decks  
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A luxurious superyacht worth an eye-watering £140million has been spotted moored off the south coast, with the inhabitants on board confirmed to be self-isolating amid the coronavirus outbreak.

‘Here Comes The Sun’ measures a whopping 272ft and is tied up in Poole Quay in Dorset.

The stylish vessel is one of the most high-end yachts in the world and has its own infinity pool and sundeck jacuzzi.

A luxurious superyacht worth an astonishing £140million has appeared at Poole Quay, in Dorset, this week

The superyacht (pictured out at sea) is one of the most high-end yachts in the world and has become a major attraction

The yacht, which is called ‘Here Comes The Sun’, has become a huge source of excitement for interested onlookers

The Dutch-built superyacht boasts a helicopter pad, a pool, a jacuzzi and also an indoor cinema across five decks

It is currently owned by Russian oil baron Alexander Dzhaparidze, who is worth an estimated £1billion.

It is not known who is on board the enormous boat but it has been confirmed that it is being used to allow them to self-isolate.

The yacht has a number of spectacular features including a large beach club area in the stern and an indoor cinema.

There is space for up to 12 guests in the vessel’s ten rooms, which also includes a spectacular master suite.

Elsewhere there are three VIP staterooms, two double cabins and four twin cabins.

It has a top speed of 17 knots – around 20mph.

The yacht is currently owned by Russian oil baron Alexander Dzhaparidze, who is worth an estimated £1billion

The yacht is 272ft tall and the vessel has enough space for up to 12 guests, across 10 rooms on the luxury boat

The superyacht is three years old – it dates back to 2017 and it was built in Holland by a specialist firm

The vessel dates back to 2017 when it was built by specialist firm Amels Holland at their yard in Vlissingen, Holland.

It was purchased later that same year after it was showcased at both the Monaco Yacht Show and the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

Its interior is the work of renowned designer Tim Heywood and covers five decks.

The vessel is attracting a huge amount of attention from passers-by in Poole Quay – due to it dwarfing every other boat in the area.

The yacht has been a huge source of interest to passers-by, many of whom have stopped to take pictures of the vessel 

Here Comes The Sun had an asking price of £138m when she was sold last year – the cost of chartering her is unknown

Here Comes The Sun is available for charter, although the cost of chartering her is not listed.

She last sold in December last year when there was an asking price of £138m (Euro 155m).

A spokesman for Poole Quay said: ‘The boat arrived yesterday so we can confirm it is here.

‘Those on board are self-isolating but that is all we know at this time.’


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