Kingdom Church selling fake coronavirus cure

Church caught selling fake coronavirus cure for £91 that is bottle of ‘divine cleansing oil’ and red string is under investigation by Trading Standards

  • Kingdom Church GB in Camberwell, London, is selling fake coronavirus cures  
  • They are under investigation with a charity watchdog and Trading Standards
  • The fake ‘divine cleansing oil’ is a bottle of oil and some red yarn sold to for £91
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

A church is under investigation for selling £91 ‘divine cleansing oil’ and claiming is cures coronavirus. 

Kingdom Church in Camberwell, sells a bottle of oil and some red yarn for £91 and claims it will cure and protect the church’s followers from coronavirus if inhaled with a towel or a bowl of hot water. 

Charity watchdog the Charity Commission and Trading Standards launched an investigation into the church for selling the ‘coronavirus protection kits’.

Kingdom Church in Camberwell, in under investigation for selling fake coronavirus cures for £91

The church is selling a bottle of oil (pictured left) and some red yarn (pictured right) for £91 claiming the church’s followers will be protected from coronavirus if they inhale the oil with a towel or a bowl of hot water

But BBC London pretended to be a customer and reported that the fake cures were still being sold under the new name ‘divine cleansing oil’.   

An employee of the Kingdom Church said on the phone: ‘We are helping the nation.

‘We are convinced this cures coronavirus. We have sold nearly 2,000 of these.’

The church’s Bishop Climate Wiseman wrote in a blog post that people would be protected by: ‘by covering yourself with the divine plague protection oil and wearing the scarlet yarn on your body.

‘That is why I want to encourage you, if you haven’t done so already, to get your divine plague protection kit today!’ 

Bishop Climate Wiseman has previously sold oils for peace, unlimited success, anointment and good marriages. 

The church’s Bishop Climate Wiseman (pictured) who says his followers will be protected from coronavirus if they cover themselves with ‘divine plague protection oil and wear the scarlet yarn on their body’

The Charity Commission and Trading Standards are still investigating Kingdom Church GB. 

The Metropolitan Police said they were not investigating because it is Trading Standards matter but the former inspector, Peter Kirham, commented on how dangerous it is. 

‘I can’t believe that people are so callous and reckless with personal and public safety – to put this product on the market, with the claims that go with it,’ he said. 

Southwark Council has warned consumers against the ‘many scams relating to coronavirus’ and said people should look out for bogus test kits, cures and treatments. 

 Bishop Climate Wiseman has insisted that the church, which is registered as a charity, only charges for the kits to cover ingredients, yarn, postage and packaging.

The link to buy the fakes cures has been deleted from the church’s website since Southwark Council criticised them.  

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