Kenosha police chief blames deadly shooting on protesters defying curfew

Kenosha’s police chief has blamed protesters for the deaths during riots in the Wisconsin city — saying the bloodbath only happened because they defied a state-of-emergency curfew.

“Everybody involved was out after the curfew,” Chief Daniel Miskinis told reporters when asked about the two killed and one injured, allegedly by a teenage member of a vigilante militia group protecting businesses.

“The point is, the curfew is in place to protect. Had persons not been out involved in violation of that, perhaps the situation that unfolded would not have happened,” he said.

“The result of it is two people dead,” he said.

Law enforcement had thanked the heavily armed militia just minutes before shooting broke out, while telling protesters they were trespassers who had to leave, viral video showed.

Miskinis vowed to crack down on curfew-breakers, and the Kenosha News reported that officers — including some in plainclothes and unmarked cars — started “yanking” protesters from the streets Wednesday.

It was mostly a night of peaceful protests and a vigil, the paper said — with the heavily armed militia who had been guarding buildings from arsonists now nowhere to be seen, the paper said.

Kenosha first broke out in riots Sunday night, hours after video emerged of an officer shooting local dad Jacob Blake, 29, several times after he fought off cops and went to get in his SUV.

Protests in Wisconsin aftermath of Kenosha shootingProtests in Wisconsin aftermath of Kenosha shooting

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