Jon Voight BLASTS Biden's border 'disaster' and wants Trump to run again in 2024 because of his 'energy and influence'

HOLLYWOOD legend Jon Voight has lashed out at President Joe Biden’s administration for what he described as the “disaster” taking place at the US southern border.

Approached as he ran errands in Beverly Hills on Tuesday afternoon, the 82-year-old Oscar-winner added that he hopes former President Donald Trump will return to power in 2024.

Asked how he thinks the Biden administration is doing after its first few months in power, the outspoken Republican and staunch Trump supporter exclusively told The Sun: "Not very well."

“First of all, he [Biden] is not in charge, is he?," Voight added.

The grandfather-of-six said that in his view not even Vice President Kamala Harris is running the show.

“I think you’re getting the Green New Deal people taking up the front row and it doesn’t bode very well for our economy or just generally speaking," the Midnight Cowboy star added.

Voight was especially critical of the current situation at the Southern border, which is experiencing its biggest surge in migrants in 20 years.  

Despite chaotic scenes and record numbers of unaccompanied children being kept in jail-like facilities, the administration has so far refused to describe the situation as a “crisis”. 

Voight – who wore a checkered shirt under a beige jacket and a face mask emblazoned with the word “Oklahoma" – said: “It’s a disaster, isn’t it? And the media is keeping it from us. 

“There’s quite a lot of very disturbing things that are going on so say a prayer for our country.”

The actor said he is hopeful that Donald Trump will run for president again in 2024 following his defeat to Biden in last year’s election.

“We’ll have to see, there’s a little time to go but he is still very, very in the picture with Republicans,” he said. 

“He has tremendous influence and he has got tremendous energy, I admire him greatly. 

“I would like to see him back in the presidency.”  

Voight, who is the father of actress Angelina Jolie, was awarded the National Medal of Arts by Trump in November 2019.

In a tweet penned just three months prior, Voight called Trump the "greatest president of the century."

He also narrated a video for the former president at the Republican National Convention in August, as part of his unsuccessful bid to secure re-election.

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