Johnny Depp 'backhanded Amber Heard so hard blood splattered on the wall in drug-fuelled row'

JOHNNY Depp “backhanded” ex-wife Amber Heard so hard across the face that blood splattered on the wall, the court heard.

Ms Heard said Depp flew into a drug-fuelled rage after accusing her of cheating on him.

She said: “He was accusing me of having affairs with two different people, neither of which I’ve ever had a romantic relationship with.

“Johnny wore these heavy silver rings on every finger. When he backhanded me, it cut the inside of my lip.

“I felt his rings hit my mouth and teeth. I immediately grabbed my face and looked down. There was blood on my t-shirt and on the wall next to me.

“It was a shock, it was traumatic. I was quick to make light of it, because I was so ready to believe it would never happen again.”

She said the incident, on March 8 2013 at Depp’s Los Angeles penthouse, was jokingly nicknamed “Disco Bloodbath” by the pair after a book of the same name.

Ms Heard said there was a similar incident later that month, on March 22 2013, at her home in Orange Avenue, LA, when Depp ordered her to remove a framed painting by her ex-wife Tasya Van Ree.

Depp tried to set the painting on fire with his cigarette lighter before striking her, she claimed.

Ms Heard said: “This was a whole ordeal of screaming and fighting that went on overnight and into the next day.

“I remember trying to walk away from him, just because I wanted to diffuse the situation, but this antagonised him.

“At various points he grabbed me hard, shook me and shoved me into a wall. I couldn’t calm him down – he was so angry and just wouldn’t let it go.

“He was drinking and doing cocaine. We barely slept.”

The court heard Ms Heard’s sister Whitney arrived at the house the following morning to find the kitchen in a state of disarray.

Pictures of the kitchen table showed two big glasses of whiskey, lines of cocaine next to Depp’s credit card and a box inscribed with “Property of JD”.

Earlier in the trial, Depp said of the incident: “I remember sitting at the glass table when Whitney came and I was drinking whiskey. It had been quite a nasty argument.

“I was definitely partaking of the cocaine and whiskey that morning. Whitney was partaking of the cocaine as well.”

When it was suggested he had hit Ms Heard, Depp said: “It’s untrue. I did not hit Ms Heard and furthermore I have never hit Ms Heard.”

The court heard Depp was filming a documentary with Rolling Stones pal Keith Richards the following day.

A photo showing Depp, Amber Heard, Keith Richard and Whitney Heard was shown to the court.

Eleanor Laws QC, for Depp, told Ms Heard: “You don’t seem to have any injuries in this picture.”

Ms Heard said: “It looks to me like my lip is slightly swollen.”

The case continues.

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