JLS star Oritse Williams' fire-ravaged £3m mansion remains derelict one year after devastating blaze

JLS STAR Oritse Williams' £3 million mansion is still lying derelict, one year after it burnt down.

New aerial shots reveal the site 13 months after a blaze ripped through the six-bedroom home in south London, which caused extraordinary structural damage.

The JLS star, 33, had been trying to sell his home, which once belonged to Ronnie Corbett, when the suspicious fire happened- just one week after he was cleared of rape.

The new photos show the decrepit mansion as it stands today, with a collapsed roof, blown out windows and gutted interior.

Weeds and bushes have also been allowed to grow out of control around the property in Croydon, South London.

The second floor was 80 per cent damaged by the inferno last summer, London Fire Brigade reported.

The dramatic pictures reveal that little has been done on the property since it caught alight under suspicious circumstances over a year ago.

The property is a former shell of the once family home which Ronnie once lived with his wife Anne and their two daughters. 

In June 2019, over 70 firefighters were called to the scene to battle an enormous blaze that had engulfed the mansion.

The reporting officers also confirmed that no-one was harmed in the enormous blaze and that there had been no arrests.

Police initially treated the blaze in Croydon, South London, in June last year as suspicious but closed the probe due to lack of evidence.

It took place less than week after the singer, 33, was acquitted of raping a fan.

Williams, 33, and his then-girlfriend AJ Azari bought it for £1.7million in 2011 and later tried to sell it.

'The Two Ronnies' comedy legend had previously lived there for 33 years.

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