Jasmine Hartin back behind bars after breaking bail conditions over row with ex

LORD Ashcroft's daughter-in-law is back in a notorious Belize prison after she was charged with assaulting a hotel worker. 

Jasmine Hartin, 32, was out on bail after she shot police supt Henry Jemmott, 42, dead on the island of Ambergris Caye on May 28. 

She was arrested again on Thursday after footage emerged showing her confronting estranged partner Andrew Ashcroft at the resort where they lived with their twin children.

Belizean authorities accused her of common assault upon resort manager Sarah Lee Grisham-Clothier during the incident at the Grand Colony.

They also added a new charge of possession over a small quantity of cocaine found on her on the night she shot Jemmott.

The Canadian socialite was seen after appearing in court in San Pedro to plead not guilty in exclusive pics obtained by The Sun.

She was later taken to the Supreme Court and remanded in the notorious Central Belize Prison after the manager of the resort where she lived with Lord Ashcroft's youngest son Andrew withdrew her bail funds. 

Frank Habet, 55, said: "Ms Hartin appeared at Grand Colony resort behaving in a disorderly and abusive manner and creating great disturbance at the hotel in the presence of guests.  

"I now think Ms Hartin is quite capable of not showing up for trial and I therefore wish to immediately withdraw my cash deposit."

Hartin's detention came as she claimed she accidentally shot dead her pal, Superintendent Henry Jemmott, with his own pistol after he urged her to arm herself when she told him she had been sexually assaulted.

Hartin's new legal team – who replaced former Belizean attorney general Godrey Smith – described it as an "ambush" and are attempting to raise new funds for her bail so she can be released next week.  

Her mum Candice Castiglione said: "There are people doing their very best to help Jasmine raise the money for her surety so she can be released on bail again. 

"This is persecution and it is totally unjustified. There was no cocaine, that is a trumped up charge and a complete lie. My daughter is nothing like that.

"There's so many people rooting for Jasmine right now who understand the corruption involved in what's happening. It's absurd. 

"Nothing has been done right here, the police are under Ashcroft's orders. 

"It's kind of obvious. I said to the officers that day when we were there (at the Grand Colony) to please escort my daughter to her apartment and help her to retrieve her personal items – she has nothing. 

"But they refused and that's not right. Andrew is grasping to try to annihilate Jasmine.

"This is the mother of his children, you would think that he would show some compassion towards her. All of this is horses**t.

"We don't know what Andrew's motives are, it's bizarre. This is a set up.

"Eventually this is all going to go in a documentary, all of it. 

"Jasmine is no longer being represented by Godfrey Smith because he was 100% representing the Ashcrofts more than her. 

"It's something that will never leave me. Henry was a great man. He was protecting me."

"At one point she asked him 'Are you my lawyer?', he screenshotted that question, sent it to Andrew and Andrew called Jasmine back saying 'Are you trying to make trouble? Of course he is your lawyer.'

"If he was her lawyer why didn't he answer her instead of going running to Andrew?

"Jasmine felt so alone and neglected that she went ahead and contacted her new lawyer Dickie Bradley.

"Jasmine can't even get into her bank account because we believe Andrew has frozen it. Her cards don't work."

Sources in Belize described Hartin's new lawyer Dickie Bradley as a "savant of Belizean law".

The source added: "If anyone could find a way to get Jasmine back out of prison it would be him.

"There's a running joke locally that if you want to get off on any crime or charge, hire Dickie." 

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