ITV News Granada viewers baffled as fire alarm goes off in studio

ITV News Granada viewers left bewildered when fire alarm goes off in the studio sparking evacuation and programme pulled off air

  • The alarm sounded during a nightly news bulletin for ITV Granada at 10.30pm
  • The show was immediately cut off as staff in the building had to evacuate

ITV News was suddenly pulled off the air as a fire alarm sounded in the studio and staff evacuated the building. 

Gamal Fahnbulleh was presenting a nightly news bulletin for ITV News Granada last night and all seemed to be fine.

However, just after 10.30pm an alarm noise sounded saying ‘attention please, attention please’, during his news segment – and it left viewers at home bewildered.

Many social media users were quick to point out that Fahnbulleh kept his composure well as he continued to read out the news while the alarm noise sounded.

After a few moments passed, the screen then suddenly turned black as staff had to evacuate the building. 

Gamal Fahnbulleh was presenting a nightly news bulletin while the fire alarm sounded

Viewers rushed to social media to question what had happened

The channel then cut off and switched over to a Yorkshire ITV News programme. 

Many viewers posted on social media, questioning what had happened in the studio.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘So did we all just hear that noise on ITV?’

Another questioned: ‘What happened with the ITV Granada news tonight? Was there an incident in the studio? Hope all ok?… It’s quite worrying isn’t it?’

A third social media user said: ‘Yeah I saw that, it’s now showing Yorkshire news instead. Hope everything’s ok.’

ITV Granada Reports swiftly tweeted out on their social media account to reassure the viewers that everything was alright. 

It said: ‘Apologies to all watching our late news tonight, as you may have been able to hear a fire alarm went off in the building and our team had to evacuate. 

‘Thanks to our colleagues at ITV Calendar for taking over our broadcast.’

ITV Granada Reports assured viewers via their social media account that everything was fine

Viewers were glad to hear that ITV Granada staff were safe

Many viewers were relieved to hear the news that everything was okay, with one person replying: ‘I wondered what had happened but as always handled it very well glad to hear that all team are ok & safe. Glad it was just a false alarm.’ 

Another said: ‘Ahh I wondered what was going on, I heard the tannoy saying evacuate the building, glad everyone is ok.’

A third exclaimed: ‘That explains it! Hopefully all ok.’ 

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