Is there a bomb threat in Oakland, California?

CHAOS occurred in downtown Oakland on January 19, 2022, after a possible pipe bomb was discovered.

Authorities were seen in the downtown area near city hall conducting an investigation into the threat.

Is there a bomb threat in Oakland, California?

On January 19, the Oakland Police Department revealed that Clay Street between 11th and 14th Streets was closed due to a "possible incendiary device."

The Alameda County Sheriff bomb squad was also on the scene but additional details remain unclear.

"We are working with our local and federal partners to keep the scene safe while we work the problem," the ACSO Bomb Squad tweeted.

KTVU's Henry K. Lee then reported that a man was caught "acting suspiciously," on video, adding that the bomb is potentially a pipe bomb, though that has yet to be confirmed.

"It’s got a lot of characteristics that are concerning to us," Alameda County Sheriff's Lt. Ray Kelly said during a press conference.

“We have one role here as the bomb squad and that is to render this safe in the best way possible using the best techniques."

The FBI was also brought in to help with the investigation.

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What do bombs look like?

Bombs can be detonated in a number of ways, they can also be concealed in the most minimalistic packaging.

Because most bombs are homemade and can look like anything, the LAPD warns that if you get a suspicious package, you should call 911 immediately.

Officers will then respond as well as a bomb squad unit who will render it safe or dangerous.

The LAPD website states, "Approximately 22 percent involved live devices that had to be rendered safe, live devices that have already functioned, live military ordnance, or other illegal explosive devices."

What happens at buildings that have been evacuated?

Typically in the event of a threat, buildings will often be evacuated so that those inside can get out of harm's way.

Depending on the situation, authorities will then go in and do a sweep of the building to ensure that it is safe to go back in.

In the event of a bomb threat, the bomb squad unit will often set a perimeter and authorities will get civilians behind that line as they investigate the potential bomb.

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