Is North Korea a dictatorship?

NORTH Korea is a highly secretive dictatorship that is isolated from most of the world.

Its nuclear program continues to pose a threat to international peace and stability.

Is North Korea a dictatorship?

North Korea is a brutal dictatorship located on the northern half of the Korean Peninsula.

"Formally known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or DPRK, it was founded in 1948 when the United States and the Soviet Union divided control of the peninsula after World War II," according to

North Korea would invade South Korea in 1950 – with the support of the Soviet Union and China – setting the stage for the Korean War.

The 25 million residents of North Korea have endured a series of brutal dictators after the country was founded by Kim Il-sung.

"After the Korean War, Kim Il Sung shaped his country according to the nationalist ideology of 'Juche' (self-reliance)," according to

"The state assumed tight control over the economy, collectivized agricultural land and effectively asserted ownership over all private property."

Kim Il-sung died of a heart attack in 1994 and was succeeded by his son Kim Jong Il.

The brutal policies remained in place until Kim Jong Il passed away in 2011 – also from a heart attack.

His son Kim Jong-un then took over as strongman at the young age of 27.

It is believed that he ordered the execution of his uncle and other rivals, and he remains in power.

What did Kim Jong-un's sister say about Joe Biden?

President Joe Biden should avoid "causing a stink" if he wants peace with North Korea, according to the dictator's sister Kim Yo-jong.

"We take this opportunity to warn the new US administration trying hard to give off powder smell in our land," she said on March 16, 2021.

"If it wants to sleep in peace for coming four years, it had better refrain from causing a stink at its first step," she continued in a statement released by state news agency KCNA.

The North Korean leader's sister was criticizing the US for its ongoing military drills in South Korea.

Two US officials are set to travel to Seoul in the Biden administration's first talks with South Korean counterparts.

North Korea is allegedly preparing to carry out its "first nuclear weapons test" since Biden took office in January, US intelligence has learned.

CNN reported on the news after speaking with US officials who wished to remain anonymous.

Officials are reportedly on alert after the scaled-down, simulated military exercises were conducted by the US and South Korea.

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