Intruder picks on the wrong house as twerking nurse filming dance vid 'beats the hell out of him' and sends him running

THIS is the moment a Brazilian nurse who was filming herself dancing in her home beats up a "burglar" who entered her home.

Angela Goncalves was recording herself dancing to music at her home in Paranagua, Brazil, on Wednesday when the incident happened.

The man is seen lurking outside the property having entered a side gate before he enters the home, giving Goncalves a fright.

Both the nurse and the "intruder" laugh as he strolls into the home until he reaches out to grab her.

She then begins to slap him away while running him off her property shouting "crazy".

Goncalves posted the Instagram video to her Facebook page where she explained her reaction to the intruder.

"I get scared and act naturally as if I knew him until he reacts with the intentions of grabbing me," she said.

"On that, with my docile pitbull instinct, I beat the hell out of him."

The footage has been viewed over 1.4million times on Facebook.

The nurse told local media: "I was with my 11-year-old daughter when he came in. I attacked him with a thousand different things in my mind about what could happen.”

Goncalves filed a report with the police shortly after the incident.

She also asked around the neighbourhood, adding: “No one has seen him around here before.”

Goncalves and her family intend to reinforce the gate to their property to give them extra security and peace of mind so that incidents like this do not happen again.

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