India's Covid crisis – how can you support?

The Covid crisis in India has reached desperate levels, as the country’s daily case rate hit a record high for a fifth consecutive day on Monday.

As of April 26, confirmed infections surpassed 350,000 and many overcrowded health centres have run out of medical supplies.

The World Health Organisation has described the situation in India as a ‘devastating reminder’ of the destruction coronavirus can cause.

In response to the intensifying crisis in India, countries around the world have pledged to send urgent medical aid to the nation, with the UK contributing over 600 pieces of equipment, including ventilators and oxygen concentrators to the effort.

How can I help? How to donate to charities battling India’s Covid crisis

If you would like to donate much-needed funds towards India’s fight against coronavirus, the list below features just some of the charities that need your help to support their life-saving work:

Action Aid – Working to direct cash transfers for immediate food and health needs, arranging testing and vaccination camps, and the distribution of safety and sanitation kits, including protective items, for communities to use in sanitation work, burials, and other essential activities.

Oxfam India – Distributing medical equipment and accessories, PPE, safety kits, and food to hospitals and health centres.

Water Aid – Continuing their work to provide a source of clean water to as many people as possible, especially in light of the importance of handwashing during the pandemic.

Unicef – Delivering life-saving medicine, nutritious food, and vaccines to children and their families.

Save The Children – Providing first aid kits for frontline health workers and nutritious food for families in crisis.

Many, such as KhaanaChahiye, Feeding from Far, and Enrich Lives Foundation are based out of Mumbai but take international donations, via Give India.

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