I got stuck on the UK's tallest rollercoaster and climbed 235ft down

Don’t look down! I got stuck on the UK’s tallest rollercoaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach after it broke down in 70mph winds – and had to climb down from 235ft

  • The adrenaline junkies had to be guided by staff down more than 400 steps

A group of thrill-seekers were given more than they bargained for when strong winds meant they had to walk down the UK’s highest rollercoaster.

Leo Mcmullin, 23, from Glasgow, travelled down to Blackpool Pleasure Beach to ride on the Big One, which peaks at 235ft, and waited over two hours in a queue.

Tensions were high as the carriages slowly climbed to the highest point of rollercoaster – until strong winds brought everything to a halt and left riders stranded.

In recent days the UK has been battered by gusts of up to 96mph courtesy of Storm Noa. On April 11, winds reached speeds above 70mph in Blackpool.

Leo and his friends had to exit the carriages and precariously make their way down emergency steps in the high winds.

A group of thrill-seekers had to walk down the Big One rollercoaster in Blackpool after high winds forced the ride to stop

A video captured the moment the nervous riders had to walk down more than 400 steps to get off the rollercoaster

In the windy video Leo records himself and his friends as they enjoy the view of Blackpool from ‘about 200 feet in the air’ above Pleasure beach.

He laughs and says: ‘Aw naw we’re gonnae need to get aff this rollercoaster.’

The Big One, which has a maximum speed of 85mph and lasts three minutes, opened to the public in 1994.

The video cuts to the group being guided by staff as they grip the handrails and carefully climb down the over 400 steps on the red emergency stairs

He continued filming and added: ‘This isnae scary, it was getting out the rollercoaster.’

It is not the first time adrenaline junkies have been stranded at the highest point of the Big One.

In 2021 the ride wasn’t affected by strong winds but instead simply broke down. Staff had to tentatively guide nervous visitors to safety by making them walk down.

A spokesperson for Blackpool Pleasure Beach said: ‘At 2.50pm on Tuesday 11th April, Blackpool Pleasure Beach stopped the Big One train on the ride’s lift hill due to sudden changes in weather conditions.

A bystander took a picture of the Big One (pictured) when it stopped just seconds before it reached the summit of its first terrifying drop 

Leo Mcmullin, 23, from Glasgow, said it was scarier to get out of the rollercoaster than it was to walk down it

Those stuck on the rollercoaster had to walk down from its 235ft peak after waiting more than two hours in a queue to ride down it

‘Guests on the ride were reassured and escorted from the ride by Blackpool Pleasure Beach staff.

‘Due to high gusts of wind the Big One rollercoaster closed for the remainder of the day.’

The event occurred one day before Storm Noa, which caused chaos in Britain with 96mph winds that saw a woman being injured by flying scaffolding, pilots struggling to land at Heathrow and huge waves smashing into UK coasts.

In Hampshire, a woman had to be rushed to hospital with serious injuries after scaffolding was blown off a roof and came crashing down on her, due to heavy winds.

While aircraft arriving at Heathrow could be seen swaying in the high winds amid Met Office warnings of short-term power cuts and disruption to road and ferry travel in the south west.

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