How you can track your $1,400 stimulus check in the mail as payment may take four weeks to arrive

STIMULUS checks can be tracked in the mail as they may take four weeks to arrive – here's how you can follow them.

The United States Postal Service uses a free mail-tracking app called Informed Delivery.

Signing up takes just three steps, and allows you to see pictures of letters as they are sorted.

Those pictures are then sent to you, showing how far away your stimulus check is.

Recipients tend to start getting notifications within three business days.

Those wanting to track their checks will need to verify their identities, and the service is only available to residential and personal P.O. box addresses.

Yesterday, House Democrats proposed additional $1,400 stimulus checks and boosted unemployment benefits as Congress tackles the $1.9trillion Covid-19 relief package. 

The proposal from the House Ways and Means Committee provides a $1,400 refundable tax credit for each family member that would be issued in advance payments as was done with the CARES Act, according to the official document. 

For a single taxpayer, the credit would be $1,400, and $2,800 for joint tax filers, in addition to $1,400 for each dependent. 

The credit would begin to phase out between $75,000 and $100,000 of adjusted gross income, or between $112,500 and $150,000 for head of household tax filers and between $150,000 and $200,000 for joint filers.

That means the credit would be zero for taxpayers at the $100,000, $150,000 and $200,000 adjusted gross income levels, based on their filing status. 

The plan also includes a child tax credit that would give millions of American families at least $3,000 for each child. 

The legislation offers $3,000 for each child age six through 17 and $3,600 for each child under the age of six, for a single year.

The benefit would be provided for single parents making up to $75,000 annually, or for couples earning up to $150,000, and phase out after those thresholds are exceeded.


Taxpayers will receive the third round of stimulus checks if they earn up to $75,000 under the new relief plan as Democrats have rejected lowering the threshold.

Americans who received the first and second-round payments will also be eligible for the additional $1,400 checks.

People may receive the new proposed stimulus checks faster than their past relief payments.

The IRS said on its website that, if there is a third check, it could be sent out quicker as the agency already has the system set up.

It said that the check should be administered in the same way that the first and second were.

However, the third $1,400 Covid payment may be delayed as negotiations intensify between Democrats and Republicans.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is aiming for President Joe Biden's $1.9trillion stimulus package to clear the House on February 22, which would line it up to arrive sooner than the previously forecast date of March 14.

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