Hilarious fake footage of CNN anchor hurriedly closing Pornhub on election 2020 graphic goes viral

THINGS turned very BLUE during CNN's election night coverage – if this cheeky clip is to be believed.

Hilarious footage has gone viral which appears to show a Pornhub logo popping up on a map showing how the voting is going in Pennsylvania.

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In the studio, Wolf Blitzer talks about the endless counting of votes in the key battleground state.

Anchor John King – next to a giant interactive big screen – then appears to notice the x-rated logo suddenly appear on the top the monitor.

He then turns to the camera with a shocked look on his face after hurriedly "closing the tab down."

The clip has already been viewed more than 3 million times on Twitter but many point out it is clearly FAKE.

Others hailed it the highlight of the election so far – even if it is not the real deal.

Dom Burgess tweeted: "As someone who works in VFX and motion graphics, this is almost certainly a badly motion tracked fake.

"Sorry people. Still funny!"

Alex White pointed out: "The logo also doesn't jitter quite the same way as the rest, and has a different color.

"Definitely a joke (or fake), but it matches perfectly with the expression."

IAP then added: "It's meant to be a count….not a sperm count."

EmmaHorne joked: "Maybe that's how they're managing to stay so alert."

While DavidMUFC1 quipped: "More like erection night!"

Others labelled the cheeky clip the "meme of the century" while some just didn't see the joke.

Jessica Aro wrote: "I find it disturbing that people are spreading fake videos during the most important vote count in history!

"You're discrediting journalists while they're trying to do their job. Stop it, it's super disgusting!!!!"

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