Half of workers 'will go into the office just three days a week after lockdown'

HALF of workers will go into the office just three days a week after lockdown, a poll suggests.

They will become known as TWTs — spending only Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week at work.

The work from home revolution has encouraged many employees and bosses to be more adaptable.

And the new arrangements are revealed in a poll covering 2,000 workers and 500 business leaders by the workplace provider Orega.

It shows 53 per cent of employees plan to become hybrid staff, adopting the midweek TWT schedule.

Only 17 per cent intend to work entirely at home.

Many companies seem more than happy to go along with this as it allows them to reduce expensive office space, with 26 per cent looking to move to a smaller premises.

But flexible deals are not without drawbacks, with 31 per cent of employers claiming WFH had reduced productivity.

"And less office space means more hotdesking.

Zach Douglas, of Orega, said: “Reports of the office’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

“Brits have chosen to go back to the office but on their own terms — and businesses are accepting it.

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