Girl, 8, rescues dog when he falls though the ice on her swimming pool

I’ve got you: Moment quick-thinking girl, 8, rescues her dog when he falls though the ice on swimming pool

  • Amelia Cipriano runs towards the pet labrador Cooper after he falls into pool 
  • Eight-year-old pulls the canine out of the icy waters and back onto dry land
  • The security camera footage was captured in Leander, Texas, on February 15 

This is the heart-pounding moment an eight-year-old girl rescued her pet dog after he plunged into an icy swimming pool in her backyard.

Footage captured in Leander, Texas, shows Amelia Cipriano playing in the snow when her one-year-old labrador Cooper slips and breaks the ice on the pool. 

The quick-thinking young girl immediately rushes to the pet’s aid and pulls him out of the icy waters.

Eight-year-old Amelia Cipriano, from Leander, Texas, runs towards her one-year-old labrador Cooper after he falls into the icy swimming pool

Amelia (left with Cooper and right with her 12-year-old sister Anna and their other dog Teddy) had been playing the snow when she saw the dog fall into the water

The dramatic incident unfolded after her father, who had been watching Amelia and the dog playing, briefly stepped indoors to grab a coffee.  

During the footage, which was captured on February 15, Cooper lowers his head towards the edge of the pool.

Within seconds, the canine plunges into the icy water and begins to struggle in the freezing temperatures.

Amelia immediately runs towards Cooper and hauls the sodden dog out of the pool.

The eight-year-old’s mother Gill said: ‘Amelia is pretty proud of herself for being there and saving him. 

‘Cooper is completely fine and never skipped a beat – probably would have done it again, he loves the water. 

‘I actually saw this happening from my bedroom window as I was getting dressed and as soon as I saw Cooper go in, I immediately grabbed towels and ran to the back porch. 

The young girl runs towards the canine after he slips and breaks the top layer of ice on the pool

The young girl sits by the side of the pool and manages to pull the dog out of the water

‘My husband had just been on the back porch watching them and stepped inside to grab his coffee. 

‘Amelia was amped up with adrenaline and Cooper was jumping around like he was so excited that he got to go for a swim. 

‘We covered him in towels and dried him off quickly. 

‘He was smiling and wagging his tail so we knew he would be fine and then Amelia had some much-deserved hot chocolate.’

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