George Floyd died from low oxygen levels because cop Derek Chauvin was kneeling on him, medical expert testifies

A MEDICAL expert told Derek Chauvin's murder trial on Thursday that George Floyd died from low oxygen levels because the ex-cop was kneeling on him.

Dr. Martin Tobin told the court that Floyd was placed in a "vice" while being pinned to the street that left him "trying to breath with his fingers and knuckles."

He added that he was able to see signs of brain damage in Floyd after watching only five minutes and three seconds of the footage of his arrest.

Tobin, who has been a lung and critical care specialist for more than 45 years, claimed that Chauvin was kneeling on Floyd's neck for up to 90 percent of that time.

He said that for 57 percent of that time, Chauvin's other knee was on the Floyd's back.

Tobin claimed the former Minneapolis police officer's knee may have been on his back for longer but that it could not be determined by the footage.

He also identified the point in the footage in which Chauvin lifted his foot from the ground and was placing full pressure on Floyd.

Tobin told the jurors that Floyd died "from a low level of oxygen" that was caused by "shallow breathing."

"He was taking shallow breaths that weren’t able to carry the air through his lungs, down to the essential areas in the lungs," Tobin added.

He said that this shallow breathing was caused by four forces on his body.

They were listed as how the46-year-oldwas placed in a prone position by officers, the way his arms were held in the handcuffs, the knee on his back, and the pressure his neck.

Tobin testified that the combination of these forces left the left side of Floyd's body in a "vice" between the hard, asphault street and the officers on top of him.

"It interferes with central features of how we breathe," he said of the vice.

"There was no way he could do any front to back movement."

Tobin said this force left Floyd "totally dependent on getting air into the right side."

He noted a clip of the footage that shows Floyd trying to ram his right hand down to lift part of his chest up.

"He has used up his resources and he is trying to breath with his fingers and knuckles," Tobin said of Floyd in this moment.

"Trying to crank up the right side of his chest, this is the only way to get air into his right lung."

Tobin's testimony comes after Chauvin's defense on Wednesday highlighted Floyd's previous drug use.

They hope to prove that Floyd died from drug use and heart disease rather than any actions taken by Chauvin.

Defense attorney Eric Nelson has insisted that fentanyl and methamphetamine found in Floyd's system during his autopsy could have been cause of death.

Chauvin's murder trial is in its ninth day.

The ex-cop faces charges of unintentional second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and manslaughter for kneeling on Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes, 29 seconds, as he lay face down in handcuffs.

The arrest and death was filmed in now infamous footage that has been presented to the jury over the past week.

The trial is expected to last for a month with witness testimony continuing until the end of next week.

The prosecution has already called more than 20 witnesses with defense witnesses still to give testimony.

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