Friends Recall George Floyd as a 'Person of Peace' Urging Change Before Fatal Brush with Police

Floyd shared his views in Instagram videos. "Man, the shootings that's going on, man, I don't care what 'hood you're from, man, where ya at, man," he said in one. "I love you and God loves you, man. Put them guns down, man."

"This man would help you if there was a way he could help you," says another friend, Cyril Wright, 45, who came to know Floyd when the two played on opposing high school basketball teams. He later recruited Floyd to join a semi-pro basketball squad called To God Be the Glory Sports Quest, on which Floyd played for two years in his 20s.

"He's just the type of guy that when he came around, everybody automatically started smiling without him even saying anything," says Wright. "If the cop had chose to stop his actions at any time, George Floyd had the type of heart to forgive that man. You know what I'm saying?"

"You killed him like this, and if you let him up, he's still going to forgive you," he says. "That's how Floyd is."

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