Florida GOP Rep Neal Dunn says masks and quarantine are the ‘silliest’ things despite statewide cases spiking – The Sun

FLORIDA GOP representative Neal Dunn has said that masks and quarantine are the "silliest" things despite statewide coronavirus cases spiking.

The politician made the comments during an interview with TMZ on Capitol Hill on Thursday.

The outlet's photographer asked Dunn why he is not wearing a face mask as he left the building, to which he jested he's "immune" as he has "had the disease."

He continued: "I think people have gone way overboard, by the way being outside is the safest thing we can do.

"This is the silliest thing that's happened to this country in my lifetime – the quarantine, everything, so silly."

The doctor then goes on to explain how he believes that wearing a mask is a "political thing" as opposed to "scientific."

"I don't really think we're doing science, I think we're doing politics," Dunn said before making it clear that he does not blame President Donald Trump for that.

Governor Ron DeSantis said that the state would not relax present restrictions even further amid rising infection rates.

There have been 3,327 deaths to the coronavirus in Florida so far.

The Sunshine State witnessed record high rates this week – with 5,511 new infections on Wednesday and 5,004 on Thursday.

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