Five lifeboat crews join search for three men off North Wales coast

Five lifeboat crews join search off the coast of north Wales for three men missing when fishing boat failed to return to port in Conwy

  • Search launched at 10am today after fishing boat vanished off North Wales coast
  • Three people were on board the vessel, which failed to return when expected 
  • Coastguard and lifeboat crews launched desperate search for the Nicola Faith 

Five lifeboat crews have joined a search for three men on board a fishing boat who failed to return to port in Conwy, North Wales, today.

HM Coastguard launched a search just after 10am this morning after the vessel, thought to be the Nicola Faith, failed to return overnight.

Rescue teams from Rhyl, Bangor and Llandudno have been joined by five RNLI crews, while a search and rescue helicopter has also been deployed. 

The vessel was due to return to shore at midnight last night, but did not return.  

Five lifeboat crews have joined the coastguard in a desperate search for a fishing vessel that was supposed to return to shore at Conwy, North Wales, last night 

A  fixed-wing Coastguard aircraft have also been assisting with the search.

North Wales Police are also involved and broadcasts have been made to alert vessels in the nearby area.

Duty controller for HM Coastguard Rob Priestley said: ‘We are continuing to search a wide area to try and find this vessel with all the assets we have at our disposal. 

HM Coastguard launched its search at around 10am this morning, but after hours of searching the water, the boat, thought to be called the Nicola Faith, has not been found

‘We’re also asking other vessels in the area to keep a look out for anything that might also assist the search.’ 

Technology on board fixed-wing Coastguard aircraft is able to spot a person in the water from up to 40 miles away.

They can also drop emergency locator beacons, communications and first aid equipment to anyone who is in danger.

Police are assisting with the search today. The vessel left port on Wednesday but did not return overnight 

Broadcasts have been made to alert vessels in the nearby area off the coast of North Wales in case they come into contact with the vessel 

A statement released by HM Coastguard earlier today read: ‘At just after 10am today (28th January), HM Coastguard received a report of an overdue fishing vessel with three people on-board.

‘The vessel had departed from Conwy, on the north coast of Wales, yesterday (27th January). The vessel was expected back in port at midnight last night.

‘HM Coastguard is currently coordinating an ongoing search and rescue response to locate the vessel.

‘Rhyl, Bangor and Llandudno Coastguard Rescue Teams have been sent to assist along with five RNLI lifeboats from Rhyl, Llandudno and Conwy.’ 

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