First pic of Michael Barrymore since he was quizzed over 2001 pool death

ENTERTAINER Michael Barrymore has surfaced for the first time since being quizzed over the death of a man in his swimming pool 20 years ago.

Posting a picture of himself at the seaside watching the sunset with his dog, Dave, taken three days ago Barrymore, 69,told fans he was ''actually still here'' – after not being seen in public for months.

The former Strike it Lucky star was questioned again by cops in March following the arrest of a man in connection with the death of Stuart Lubbock at his mansion in Roydon, Essex, in 2001.

Tragic Stuart, 31, was found with internal injuries dead in the swimming pool and despite several investigations noone has been charged and Stuart's terminally ill father Terry has continually called for justice.

Last week it emerged Essex Police had sent a file to the Crown Prosecution Service concerning the arrest of a 50 year old man in Cheshire, in connection with the case who was held on suspecion of murder and indecent assualt but as yet there has been no update.

Posting several clips from his TV shows Barrymore spoke to fans for the first time in sex months and told them:"Happy Bank Holiday ! Been busy going through hours and hours of never before seen footage to share some clips with you that have been in the archives for far too long. Here's the first. Thank you to Juliet and Anthony . X MB"

Replying to one fan he said:"My shows were always about ordinary people being extraordinary," as the clips quickly gathered more than 100,000 views in less than 24 hours.

While he told another called Julie who asked how he was:"I am very well thank Julie, as you can see I have loads of mastertapes of all the Shows – even stuff I forgeot about. Been figuring out how to get them on Tik Tok.

There's gold in them there boxes."

The Sun revealed in March how Barrymore and other guests at the party had been questioned again about the incident and last week we revealed how he insisted “in his heart of hearts” he had nothing to do with Stuart’s death.

Essex police said the suspect, who has since been released, was arrested on suspicion of indecent assault and murder after “significant new information” came to light.

No decision is expected by the CPS for several weeks.

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