Family of 18 goes on scavenger hunt around home as they reveal their vacation destination – & it ends with happy tears

A FAMILY Family of 18 went on scavenger hunt around their home as they revealed their vacation destination.

The Nelson Family's adventure ended with happy tears, as the 16 kids were ecstatic to find out out where they'd be heading for their trip.

Tiffany Nelson – who runs the YouTube channel Not Enough Nelsons – documented the family's adventure in a video.

Gathering the family in the living room, older sister Kassidy, 21, said the family would be doing a "balloon challenge" and going on a hunt for clues.

As the first clue told the them to go to a place that "never sees the sun," the kids all ran upstairs to the movie theater on the third floor.

One of the kids found a present – which they opened to find the clue: Hershey's kisses.

The kids then excitedly ran to the kitchen, as they followed the next riddle.

For the next clue, the box had a pair of goggles – and the kids ran outside to where they're planning to build a pool.

They found another box, hidden outside where their pool is being built.

Inside the wrapping was a picture of the house.

"Are we going to move?" one of the kids shouted excitedly, as they had no idea what the surprise was.

After finding another gift stashed in the pantry, one of the boys unwrapped a seashell.

"Are we going to a beach?" he asked.

Inside the next box – hidden in a cabinet above the refrigerator – was a toy airplane.

The kids screamed and clapped in excitement.

After finding another box, the kids opened it to find giftcards to Texas Roadhouse.

"We're going to Texas!" they shouted.

Theclue, however, told them to get loaded in the vehicle – and they went off to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.

As the family sat in two booths, the mom revealed that the family is going on vacation somewhere in the states.

Mom Tiffany then revealed that there's one last hint at home that they would find out after dinner.

Revealing the final gift, Kass pulled out mouse ears, Disney plates, and Disney cake.

"We are going to Walt Disney World in Florida!" the mom revealed.

The kids jumped up and down and screamed in excitement.

Several of the kids were teary-eyed and began crying at the surprise as they found out their vacation destination.

The mom revealed they would also be going to Universal Studios, to see alligators, and more.

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