Family make hopscotch version of Monopoly board game during lockdown

Family make hopscotch version of Monopoly board game on their street for neighbours during lockdown

  • Erps family made hopscotch style Monopoly in Iowa hometown for neighbours
  • Sidewalk chalk includes hand-drawn tiles ‘Do Not Pass Go’ and ‘Tax Chest’
  • Three siblings made giant dice and said game took four hours to create 

A family stuck together during the lockdown have turned part of their street into a giant chalk version of Monopoly to shine a light during dark times.

The Erps family, from Grimes, Iowa, applied their talents to making a hopscotch-style version of the classic board game for all the public to use.

Stretching the length of Maplewood and Clarke, the sidewalk chalk includes hand-drawn tiles including ‘Do Not Pass Go’ and ‘Tax Chest’.

Amanda, Kayla and Connor – all siblings – made giant dice to give the game an authentic feel. They said it took just over four hours to create. 

Having been hard at work studying for their qualifications in dentistry, art education, and accounting, the group of three decided to channel ‘creative juices’.

Kayla, whose only disappointment is that the tiles are shy of the 2m (6ft 6in) distances which are supposed to be kept, said:  ‘I thought I would recruit my siblings and my dad and we’d have a fun project to do.’   

Her sister Amanda claimed: ‘My siblings and I needed some much needed bonding time. And it was kind of a rocky start I’ll be honest.

‘We found the perfect spot and all in all we worked together and look what we made!’

Connor said: ‘The real reason I did this was for the kids you know. 

‘I just really want a place for them to play around, maybe ride their scooters or skate boards across. Just give them a little bit of entertainment.’ 

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