Ex-NJ gov Chris Christie says Trump will NOT fire Dr Fauci after Republican says it’s time for the doc to ‘move along’ – The Sun

Chris Christie said he doesn't think "there's any chance" that President Trump will fire Coronavirus Task Force Dr. Fauci, after one top Republican representative said it was time for the doctor to move along.

The former New Jersey governor's comments came after Trump shared a tweet that said "#FireFauci", following an interview where the infectious disease expert said if action were taken sooner against COVID-19 that lives could have been saved.

Host Joy Behar of ABC's The View asked Christie about Trump possibly firing Fauci after his retweet.

"Listen, I think that the president always likes to be in complete control of the situations that he's in," Christie said.

“Now, I don’t think there’s any chance he fires Dr. Fauci.”

"Quite frankly, if you look at it, he's followed much if not most, of Dr. Fauci's advice, and Dr. Birx's advice in how to handle this crisis," he added.

Despite Christie's belief that "the president always likes to be in complete control," he said he doesn't see Trump firing the infectious disease expert.

He added: “Donald Trump relies on his opinions. I don’t think we have to worry about that one."

"We've got other things to worry about," he said.

Christie's comments came after Trump shared a tweet with the hashtag "#FireFauci", after the infectious disease expert said in an interview with CNN that lives could have been saved from the coronavirus pandemic if action were taken sooner.

Fauci's comments followed after a New York Times report that President Trump allegedly ignored several advisers and officials over a series of months regarding the threats of coronavirus.

Fauci told CNN on Sunday that "it’s very difficult to go back and say that" but "if you had a process that was ongoing and you started mitigation earlier you could’ve saved lives.”

“Obviously no one is going to deny that,” Fauci said.

“But what goes into those kinds of decisions is complicated," he added.

As of Tuesday, more than 592,000 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in the U.S.

More than 24,000 Americans have died from the virus.

On Easter Sunday, Trump retweeted a tweet from former Congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine, where she called for Fauci to be fired.

“Fauci is now saying that had Trump listened to the medical experts earlier he could've saved more lives.”

“Fauci was telling people on February 29th that there was nothing to worry about and it posed no threat to the US public at large,” she tweeted.

“Time to #FireFauci…”

Trump shared the tweed, adding: “Sorry Fake News, it’s all on tape. I banned China long before people spoke up. Thank you @OANN.”

The President's tweet, along with reports that he allegedly asked allies what they thought of the top doc, led many to speculate if Fauci was going to be fired.

The White House said in a statement that Trump is not firing Fauci, despite the tweet.

Although Trump is not firing Fauci according to the White House, one top GOP Representative thinks the doc should step down.

Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona told KFYI-AM (550) he thinks Fauci needs to "move along."

"I think it's time … for Dr. Fauci to move along," Biggs told KFYI-AM on Monday.

"I mean, he shouldn't have a seat at the table.

"He shouldn't be making decisions that are basically impacting this country in a way that we haven't even considered," he added.

Biggs said that Fauci has not thought about the economic impacts that will result from his solutions for COVID-19.

“He has said he has not considered economic or societal or social fallout for his remedy for the epidemic," Biggs said.

"And if that’s the case, I think he gets some credit for where we stand today, but I think it’s time for him to move on,” he added.

It first surfaced last week that Trump ignored multiple memos from White House trade adviser Peter Navarro – one in which he warned that 2 million Americans could die from coronavirus.

Trump on Tuesday denied seeing the memo, and he has shot down the New York Times' reports, pointing out that he instituted travel bans to China in late January.

Christie told The View earlier in his interview that Trump and the media put themselves in a "death spiral."

"I think the press has been in a death spiral that the president participates in – which hurts both of them. I think that the questions are often combative and 'gotcha,'" Christie told The View.

"His responses, I think at times, are beneath what he should be doing," he added, saying that he's told Trump his briefings should be shorter periods of time – around "10 or 15 minutes" before he leaves it to the other experts on the COVID-19 task force.

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