Epstein 'recruiter' admits bringing girls to him and shopping with sex slave Virginia Roberts for schoolgirl outfit

AN ALLEGED recruiter for Jeffrey Epstein who was previously not known admitted she introduced him to three women and shopped for sexy outfits—while denying she partook in abuse.  

Rina Oh, 41, confessed in the podcast Broken: Seeking Justice that she dated Epstein and that he requested she bring him good-looking women including former model Marijke Chartouni.

However, Oh denied allegations from Chartouni and Virginia Roberts—another accuser who mentioned Oh in her memoir—that she perpetrated or or directly participated in any sexual abuse they experienced. 

“I'm just letting you know that what she accused me of doing is a complete fabricated lie,” Oh said of Roberts’ memoir.

In the podcast reported by the Daily Mail on Wednesday, Oh admitted that she participated in numerous activities involving Epstein, the American financier and convicted sex offender who died in August 2019.

Oh opened up about Epstein apparently asking her to take Roberts, then 17, on a shopping trip to find a “little school girl outfit.”

When podcast host Tara Palmeri asked Oh if she thought it was strange that Epstein wanted a 17-year-old young woman dressed like a school girl, Oh responded, “I wasn't asking questions. I just did as I was told.” 

Oh was evasive when Palmeri followed up on why she did not find Epstein’s demands alarming. 

The mystery recruiter said, “I've brought three people to, to that place,” referring to Epstein’s mansion in New York, and that “when I'm, ready to talk about it, I'm gonna I talk about it.”

Oh said Chartouni, whom Epstein sexual assaulted, was one of the women she presented to him. 

But Oh insisted: “My side of the story is I did not abuse anyone, period. People that knew about him wanted to meet him. And I brought those people there, period.”

“I met her very briefly. We didn't really know each other too well,” Oh said of Chartouni. 

"And I brought her because he kept asking me to bring your friends. So I brought her once.”

But in a subsequent interview for the podcast, Oh changed her storyline. 

“I was in the room when Marijke and I were both victimized by Epstein,” Oh said. 

Oh pushed back on claims Roberts made in her memoir and said, “I was nothing but nice to this girl.” 

“And I actually wanted to hang out with her and she declined to hang out with me,” Oh continued.

“So we actually never spent any significant amount of time together except for that one shopping adventure.”

A draft manuscript of Roberts’ memoir that was among court documents that became public last August stated that Epstein met Oh at an art gallery where he bought some of her pieces.

The memoir alleges various sexual encounters, including that Epstein asked Oh to help Roberts massage him.

Oh, at the time about 21 years old, "loved bondage, whipping, hitting and cutting her sex partner with little sharp knives until they subdued (sic) to her punishment in agonizing pain,” Roberts wrote in the memoir. 

In addition, the manuscript states that Epstein was “absurdly taken” with seeing Oh use whips and toys on Roberts, and rented an apartment for Oh. 

Epstein had Oh and Roberts go shopping for “sexy outfits, sex toys and bondage material,” it states. 

Roberts said that Oh “fit into the subservient category” that Epstein liked and that she had a “bubbly persona.”

Oh spoke on the podcast after being found in her New Jersey home by Chartouni, who has acted as a private investigator for Epstein’s victims.

Oh’s artwork includes frescos of Bill Clinton, who flew on Epstein’s planes, and Prince Andrew, whom Roberts alleges she was forced to have sex with.

The mystery recruiter is applying for compensation from Epstein’s victims’ fund through her lawyer Brad Edwards. 

Oh is married to Vincent Amen, who worked and lived on Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch, and it is he who inspired her to speak.

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