E. Jean Carroll threatens to sue Trump again over CNN town hall

E. Jean Carroll threatens to sue Trump a THIRD time over his ‘vile’ comments during CNN town hall with Kaitlan Collins – as ex-President formally files appeal against the $5 million sexual abuse and defamation verdict

  • Carroll told the New York Times on Thursday she may file a defamation suit 
  • Said it would be a response to ‘disgusting’ comments Trump made to Collins 
  • Trump has also filed a formal appeal against the $5million in damages  

E. Jean Carroll threatened to sue Donald Trump for a third time over the ‘vile’ comments he made during the CNN town hall on Wednesday night.

Her latest legal threat came as the former president  formally filed a notice of appeal after he was found liable of sexually abusing and defaming the Elle columnist, and she was awarded $5million in damages.

Carroll told the New York Times on Thursday that she was considering filing another defamation suit after Trump told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins the story was ‘fake’ and ‘made up’.

He also mocked her ‘hanky panky’ claims, called her a ‘whack job’ and claimed the judge banned his legal team from entering evidence that Carroll called her husband an ‘ape’ and had a cat ‘named Vagina’. 

Donald Trump on Thursday filed a notice of appeal after a federal jury in Manhattan on Tuesday found him liable for sexually abusing and defaming writer E. Jean Carroll, and awarded her $5 million in damages

‘It’s just stupid, it’s just disgusting, vile, foul, it wounds people,’ Carroll told The Times. 

Following a two-week trial, the jury found Trump liable in the civil case for abuse and defamation but not rape, after just under three hours of deliberations.

Trump’s lawyer Joseph Tacopina had previously said he would appeal the verdict and said the former president could never get a fair trial in New York. 

His notice of appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit was filed hours after U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan issued a ruling awarding Carroll the judgment and closing the case.

In a televised town hall on Wednesday, Trump made several disparaging comments about Carroll that elicited applause and laughter from the audience of New Hampshire Republicans and independent voters who plan to vote in the state’s Republican primary.

Trump accused writer E. Jean Carroll of ‘hanky panky’ in her lawsuit against him

Trump claimed that E. Jean Carroll (second from left) used to call her husband John Johnson (center) an ‘ape.’ The ex-President is pictured with the couple and his first wife Ivana (right) at a party in the 1980s

The town hall was his first public appearance since the Carroll verdict. Collins pressed Trump over what happened and the potential impact on his political future.

‘What do you say to voters who say it disqualifies you from being president?’ Collins asked him.

‘There weren’t too many of them because my numbers just – they went up,’ Trump said as the audience cheered and applauded.

The former president repeated his claim he didn’t know Carroll and then proceeded to insult her repeatedly – accusing her of ‘hanky panky,’ claiming she has a cat called ‘Vagina’ and that she called her husband an ‘ape’. He slammed U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan, who was appointed to the job by President Bill Clinton. 

‘This woman, I don’t know her. I never met her. I have no idea who she is. I had a picture taken years ago with her and her husband, nice guy John Johnson. He was a newscaster, very nice. She called him an ape, happens to be African American. Called him an ape,’ Trump claimed. 

Donald Trump called CNN’s Kaitlan Collins a ‘nasty person,’ slammed writer E. Jean Carroll for her rape accusation, refused to say he lost to Joe Biden in the 2020 election and defended the Capitol rioters in a fiery town hall on Wednesday night 

‘The judge wouldn’t allow us to put that in. Her dog or her cat was named Vagina, the judge wouldn’t allow to put that in,’ he added.

‘We had a horrible Clinton appointed judge. He allowed her to put everything in,’ he said. 

Trump also launched into a recounting of Carroll’s claims in a mocking voice, drawing laughs from the audience. He referred to Carroll as ‘a wack job.’ 

Trump also said of Carroll: ‘What kind of a woman meet somebody and brings them up and within minutes you’re playing hanky-panky in a dressing room, I don’t know if she was married then or not. John Johnson, I feel sorry for you.’

Collins also asked Trump if he wanted to take back comments he made during a taping of Access Hollywood, where he talked about grabbing women by the p**** and said famous people were allowed to do things like that.

‘I said women let you, I didn’t say you grab… I said women let — you know, you didn’t use that word — but if you look, women let you,’ Trump said. 

‘Now, they said will you take that back? I said, look, for a million years this is the way it’s been. I want to be honest this is the way it’s been,’ he added. 

‘You would like me to take that back. I can’t take it back because it happens to be true,’ he noted.

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