Drone carrying SEX TOY sparks chaos at mayoral rally after stunt by ‘rivals’

A MAYORAL campaign descended into chaos after a drone with a SEX TOY attached was allegedly flown in by a candidate ‘rival.’

The bizarre stunt unfolded on Tuesday at a campaign event in Albuquerque, New Mexico for Bernalillo County Sheriff, Manuel Gonzales III.

A video posted on Facebook shows Gonzales, a democrat, answering a number of questions on stage at an event centre, before a drone with a large dildo attached starts to hover above the candidates head.

“Is that a dong on a drone?” a woman asks as the lewd object comes into shot.

As the political candidate stands bemused, a security guard proceeds to move in to disarm the device, promoting a man to jump up and attempt to retrieve the foot long sex toy.

A brawl then ensues as the protestor is wrestled to the floor, jeered by the crowd behind him.

As he taken away by security he can also be heard shouting: “This man is a paedophile.”

The man allegedly involved has since been identified as 20-year-old Kaelan Ashby Dreyer.

He has since been charged with petty misdemeanor battery and misdemeanor resisting, evading or obstructing an officer.

KOB4 reported that a criminal complaint alleged Mr Dreyer also “balled his fist and swung it” and “struck Mr Gonzalez in the hands” whilst calling him a “tyrant.”

According to a deputy in the report, Dreyer has since said that he did not intend to hit Gonzales but was upset at the way the sheriff answered a question and intended to swing his fist through the air.

The campaign group for the Bernalillo county sheriff added that the Democrat was unharmed and “will not be intimidated”.

Appearing in a press conference on Wednesday, Mr Gonzales responded to the incident, claiming that the stunt was intentionally carried out by “political operatives.”

The campaign of incumbent Mayor Tim Keller, also a Democrat, is also said to have condemned the stunt, calling it “disruptive, rude and immature”.

Mr Keller’s campaign manager Neri Holguin told the The Albuquerque Journal: “We denounce demeaning antics and urge residents to participate in the political process in a respectful manner.”

Mr Gonzales accused the alleged disruptors of “possibly” working on behalf of “the other campaign,” however Mr Keller’s campaign team have strongly denied the allegations, calling them “pathetic” and a mark of “desperation.”

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