Dramatic moment giant eagle swoops down and carries away PIG captured by stunned photographer in Australia – The Sun

ASTONISHING images shows a giant eagle carrying a PIG over a lake after hunting down the defenceless land animal.

Photographer Clarke Espie, 75, captured the incredible moment when he heard shrieking in the skies above his campsite in the Cromarty Wetlands of Queensland, Australia.

Instinctively grabbing his camera, Clarke was shocked to see a piglet screaming as it was carried through the air in the clutches of an enormous sea eagle.

The pig was eventually ripped apart and eaten by two of the huge raptor birds.

Clarke, an experienced documentary filmmaker, says that while he was in the area to photograph its wildlife, he never expected to capture such a breathtaking sight.

He said: “Little did I imagine witnessing two massive sea eagles swooping low over my vehicle, one with a feral pig firmly gripped in its powerful talons.

“Despite its powerful wings, the sea eagle struggled to gain altitude before landing its prey upon a small island within the wetlands, where together the eagles shared the prey.”

Clarke added that it was “one of the most unusual sights I’ve seen.”

Describing the moment he saw the eagles, he said: “I thought it must’ve been a fish at first but as soon as I focussed, I could see it was a piglet.

“It must have weighed around five kilograms. Definitely not something I’ve witnessed before.”

The majestic white-bellied sea eagles – whose wingspan can reach over seven foot – are normally seen perched high in a tree or soaring over waterways and adjacent land around the Aussie coast.

Queensland's feral pigs are commonly regarded as a pest as they degrade soil as well as damaging crops and stock.

It is estimated that Australia has up to 24 million of the feral beasts.

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