Dive-bombing seagulls chase woman on Brighton beach

The chips are down! Dive-bombing seagulls chase screeching woman on Brighton beach and steal all her fries in SECONDS

  • Monique Sveinsson, 46, from Cambridgeshire, left ‘shaking’ after seagull attack
  • She was walking with two trays of chips when the hungry birds dived into food
  • The businesswoman was enjoying a break away on Brighton beach on August 3

A woman was left ‘shaking’ after she was attacked by a colony of seagulls who launched themselves at her chips and them within seconds.

Monique Sveinsson, 46, from Cambridgeshire, was on a mini-break with her friend Emma Wilshaw when she was attacked by the hungry seagulls at Brighton beach on August 3.

The mother-of-two, who runs her own planner and diary company, described how the aggressive birds circled above her before launching themselves at her food and flying away with the chips.

Ms Wilshaw filmed her friend walking across the pebble beach with two trays of chips in her hands as the seagulls begin to circle above her.

Monique Sveinsson, 46, from Cambridgeshire, is chased by the hungry seagulls at Brighton beach on August 3

Ms Sveinsson carries two plate of chips and tries to escape the hungry birds now following her

Within seconds, the hungry birds launch themselves at Ms Sveinsson and she begins to scream, duck and run away from them across the shingle. 

Following the terrifying ordeal, Ms Sveinsson said she and her friend had been enjoying their break away on the seaside resort when they decided to stop for lunch.

She told MailOnline: ‘I was with my friend and we had just come for a couple of days away. We got there and went onto the beach and we hadn’t had any lunch so we thought we’d go and get some chips. 

‘I must admit we’d seen a couple of people go to get chips and we’d seen the seagulls circling and then Emma said to me: ”Are you sure about this?”

‘I said: ”They’re only circling. How bad can it be?” so that’s why she was filming.

After the birds dive-bombed into her food, Ms Sveinsson threw the chips away from her and watched as the birds devoured the two portions within seconds.

‘I don’t know if it was my reaction or that I was trying to dodge the seagulls and screaming on the beach but they ate my chips.’ 

She continued: ‘They ate two courses of chips in seconds. I threw them in the end but I threw them at a poor couple who were having a canoodle on the beach – but my friend didn’t film that because she was flat on her back laughing at that point.

‘They devoured them. It must have been around two or three seconds and they were gone.

‘I think I underestimated the power of the seagulls, to be honest.’ 

The hungry seagulls dive-bomb into Ms Sveinsson’s food as she tries to run away from them 

Chips begin to fall on the pebbled beach as she tries to flee the aggressive birds looking to get a bite of her food

Ms Sveinsson (left and right with her friend Emma) had been enjoying a break away in Brighton with her friend Emma when she was attacked by the seagulls

Ms Sveinsson and her friend, who paid £8 for the two portions of chips, later went back for more food but this time decided to sit indoors.

She added: ‘Those two portions of chips were £8 and the seagulls got them in a second but, yes, we went back and then sat at the restaurant rather than the beach. I wasn’t going to take that chance again.

‘I was shaking afterwards because they are frightening.’ 

Prior to her encounter with the hungry birds, Ms Sveinsson, who runs the Perfect Planner Company with her husband Agust in Cambridgeshire, took to Facebook to say: ‘I just wanted to say I’m here, I’m in Brighton. 

‘I’m a very lucky girl that I can come out and see the sunshine, breathe in the sea air. I absolutely adore it!

‘I’m going to go and protect myself now from these seagulls, they’re right menaces. I I’ve watched them several times over now and anybody who gets chips they swoop in.

‘I’m going to go and get some chips for me and my friend. She’s killing herself laughing with the camera ready to get these seagulls that are going to descend on me.’  

In June, pest management company Integrum Services said it had seen a 400 per cent spike in demand for technology to repel seagulls, following a spate of attacks in seaside towns.  

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