Disgusting moment smirking motorist performs sex act as he drives on motorway

THIS is the disgusting moment a smirking driver was caught masturbating as he weaved in and out of traffic at 50mph on a busy motorway.

Shocking footage shows the shameless motorist performing the solo sex act while driving out of the Dartford Tunnel from Kent.

At one point he sped into the fast lane as he pleasured himself in broad daylight behind the wheel, flouting road safety laws.

His sickening display was spotted by a pair of horrified builders as they drove home to Essex just before Christmas.

One of the men, Nick, 31, told Sun Online: "We saw a guy driving on my left and he was smiling.

"My boss said, 'Oh, he must like you', joking around.


"Then he got into the fast lane and put his rear view wipers on. My boss said, 'He's wagging his tail at you', joking around'.

"As my boss pulled up to him he said, 'He's calling me a w***er. Oh wait, he's w***ing!'

"I didn't believe him so we dropped back.

"You can see him, he looks right at the camera and wiggles it, like he's proud of it.

"We reckon he was doing it in the tunnel. He was going 40 or 50 mph. He was keeping up with the stream of traffic."

Stunned Nick and his boss Emilio overtook the driver, thought to be in his 30s, as they passed the Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex in their van.

The brazen motorist, wearing a white T-shirt and a cap, continues to expose himself as he is filmed from the passenger seat of the van.

He turns towards the camera and waves his willy to the horrified builders, who are heard yelling in disgust.

The revolting driver, thought be in a Puegeot, had previously been in the slow lane before going into the fast lane, then back to the slow lane.

We were just silent for a little while and took it all in. I felt dirty

It's thought he came off at the Thurrock turnoff on the A282,after his stomach-churning antics.

Nick added: "We were just silent for a little while and took it all in.

"I couldn't look at my boss. I needed to get out of the van. I felt dirty.

"I can't believe he did it. What is he thinking about? He just looked like a normal guy."

Last April, police caught a driver playing with themselves on the M6 near Great Barr in the West Midlands.

A Central Motorway Police Group (CMPG) spokesman said it was "not only illegal but highly dangerous".

In August, an alleged sex pest cab driver was filmed masturbating in broad daylight as he tried to call a woman into his car in Brent, North West London

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