Dax Shepard opens up about ‘sweetest gesture’ from Kristen Bell

Even after over six years of marriage, Kristen Bell is still able to surprise Dax Shepard. 

The “Parenthood” actor opened up to AOL while discussing his partnership with Planet Oat to promote the brand’s Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts and Summer Kit about the “once-in-a-lifetime Father’s day treatment” his wife put together for him in quarantine.

Last month, Bell organized an at-home remote control car race complete with “food, decorations and sanctioned “race fan” attire,” Shepard shared. The day was “a mix of emotions.”

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I will die knowing the Apex of spoiling! @erickrich and I, as undeserving as we may be, got a once-in-a-lifetime Father's day treatment. All the family members indulged our eight-year-old passion of racing remote control cars. There was food, decorations and sanctioned "race fan" attire. It was a 10/10. I'm humbled by the love and kindness. Thank you @mollser @mlpadman @jessrowland31, and my most loving wife @kristenanniebell ♥️♥️♥️ I've peaked!!!

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“On one hand, I was like this is the sweetest gesture I’ve ever seen and I don’t deserve it. And part two, I was like, I’m going to have to somehow top this in a few weeks for the 40th birthday?,” Shepard told AOL, referring to Bell’s 40th birthday on July 18.

“It was the sweetest, most thoughtful thing. My wife is so good at that. She’ll be completely uninterested in one of my hobbies, yet she’s paying attention and I don’t even realize,” the actor continued. “I didn’t even think she was hip to how into that I was.”

Shepard and his family have been in Sedona, Arizona, while he shoots “Top Gear America,” which is one of the first productions to resume filming during the pandemic. While quarantine got off to a “rocky start,” he and his family have figured out how to make it work.

“We’ve really enjoyed this crazy opportunity to be a little pod for this many months. I never had this with my parents my entire childhood and can’t imagine I’ll ever get this again, so I’m just trying to really be conscious of the fact that this is a blessing as far as time with the kids,” Shepard continued.

While summer activities are a bit different for their daughters, Lincoln, 7, and Delta, 5, they’re found a way to make it fun with some sweet treats, particularly with Planet Oat banana split frozen desserts

“We’ve been making banana splits because any time you can sneak fruit in on your kids, that’s just a bonus. It’s best to hide and cover the fruits and veggies.”

“I can kill a pint of it and I don’t feel horrendous,” he said of the Planet Oat Chocolate Peanutbutter Swirl dessert. “So I’m just delighted. They really reinvented my summer.”

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#ad Nothing better than sunny days and sundaes with @hiryanhansen, courtesy of @planetoat #planetoatsummer #planetoatpartner

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