Coronavirus UK LIVE: Boris Johnson returns to work today as lockdown rules set for review and death toll hits 20,732 – The Sun

BORIS Johnson has returned to Downing Street after several weeks off recovering from coronavirus.

The Prime Minister returns to work today.

The PM is already facing demands from his wealthy Tory backers to get the economy back up and running.

These include billionaires Peter Hargreaves, Michael Spencer and Phones4u founder John Caudwell.

Mr Spencer said: “We should start loosening up the lockdown as soon as we reasonably can and allow the economy to start moving forward.

“We should really begin to offer a narrative of how and when it’s going to stop.”

Steve Morgan, the former boss of the housebuilder Redrow, said: “We’re actually in danger that the medicine — if you want to call the lockdown that — is more harmful than the cure.

“I’m strongly in favour of getting the country back to work. This is not about profit; this is about saving the country from going bankrupt, from mass unemployment, from businesses going bust, people losing their livelihoods and homes.”

Millionaire banker Sir Henry Angest and restaurateur Richard Caring also called for a loosening of restrictions.

Latest figures show coronavirus deaths in the UK increased by 413 to 20,732.

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    A contact-tracing app could prevent one coronavirus infection for every one to two users who download it, an expert advising the Government has said.

    Professor Christophe Fraser, from the Oxford University's Big Data Institute, said the app could be released “within weeks” to prevent a resurgence of the Covid-19 outbreak.

    Academics from Oxford University are advising NHSX, the health service's digital innovation unit developing the app, which would alert users if they had come into contact with someone who had coronavirus symptoms.

    If a person becomes unwell with symptoms, they can choose to use the app to inform the NHS and trigger an anonymous alert to app users with whom they've come into significant contact with.


    One in three UK jobs is at risk in the virus lockdown — and the Chancellor’s seat is one of the worst hit.

    A shocking 7.5million staff — 27 per cent of all workers — could be laid off, the RSA think-tank has warned.

    And in a blow to the man battling to save the economy, the threat rises to 35 per cent in Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s home constituency in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

    Seaside towns and countryside areas which rely on hospitality and tourism are most at risk of mass lay-offs.

    But even in the tech hubs of Oxford, Cambridge and London, one in five jobs is in danger.


    Shocking pictures show one notorious wet market is still operating – trading dogs, cats and bats despite links to coronavirus.

    The animals were seen being flogged by vendors at a market in northern Indonesia known for its exotic wildlife offerings despite government and global pressure to shut down.

    Despite government and health agencies urging vendors to take bats and other wildlife off the market, vendors at the Tomohon Extreme Meat market on Sulawesi island say business is booming.

    Bat seller Stenly Timbuleng said the worldwide pandemic “has not affected sales”. He said: “In fact… sales continue. It is always sold out.”


    Prisoners have reportedly been given the task of making PPE for British hospital workers in the face of the coronavirus crisis.

    Inmates at eight jails around the country will this week start making scrubs and face visors as a way of saving the NHS money in light of surging prices for PPE, Justice Secretary Robert Buckland reportedly said.

    The items will cost only around one third of current market rates, Mr Buckland told The Daily Telegraph.

    “Staff in our NHS are doing an incredible job… and I'm delighted that inmates are supporting them by producing equipment to help keep them safe,” Mr Buckland told the paper.

    The category B and C prisons involved in the effort include Swansea, Channings Wood in Devon, Wakefield, Highpoint in Suffolk, Whatton in Nottinghamshire and New Hall in West Yorkshire, which holds women and young offenders.

    The prisons will make scrubs for around £5 a set, compared with their £15 price tag on the open market.


    The Sun today pays tribute to the unsung heroes helping families stuck at home in lockdown.

    Doctors, nurses and other NHS staff fight to save lives, while an army of key workers toil tirelessly behind the scenes to keep us going during the Covid-19 crisis.

    As Boris Johnson returned to Downing Street, the updated figures revealed the UK’s death toll had hit 20,732.

    Many of those are key workers who risked and lost their lives helping the families of others.

    Health Secretary Matt Hancock joined us in paying tribute to them. He said: “I am overwhelmed by the outstanding commitment everyone has shown to keep the country moving during this unprecedented time.

    “Not only are our incredible frontline health and social care staff working to keep everyone well but they are supported by all the brilliant transport workers, supermarket staff, delivery people, armed forces, police, firefighters, teachers and many others.”

    Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said: “Our hearts go out to the families of all key workers that have lost their lives.

    “Every day during this crisis we see our key workers going out on the front line, risking their lives on behalf of us all.”

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