Controversial UNCW professor Mike Adams found dead from 'gunshot wound' after friends told cops he was acting 'erratic'

A CONTROVERSIAL criminology professor died after suffering a gunshot wound, according to dispatch records seen by Port City Daily.

Mike Adams, who taught at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, had reportedly been acting "erratic" in the weeks leading up to his death on Thursday afternoon.

The professor's body was discovered shortly after 2pm on Thursday when the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office conducted a welfare check at his home.

According to records from the Hanover County 911 center, a friend had called cops at 12.26pm earlier that day and said the professor had been acting "erratic" and was "under a lot of stress".

During the call they added that Adams hadn't been seen in several days, and confirmed that he did have firearms in his house.

The controversial academic had recently reached a $500,000 'retirement' settlement due to his controversial remarks – deemed by some to be inappropriate.

Most were made on Twitter though others occurred around campus.

The latest remarks were critical of the state's lockdown as the COVID-19 pandemic spread throughout the country.

In one May 28 tweet, he wrote "Don’t shut down the universities. Shut down the non essential majors. Like Women’s Studies."

Another tweet from May 30 reads "this is why I travel with a glock" while retweeting a video of a man brandishing a crowbar against the driver's seat of a moving car.

One from 2016 reads "Just got an email from a queer Muslim. If you choose a religion bent on executing you nothing you say could be intelligent. Deleted/blocked."

The latter tweet sparked one of many petitions to remove Adams from the school.

The tweet that eventually led to his 'retirement' was in protest of North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper's social distancing orders.

On May 29, Adams wrote "This evening I ate pizza and drank beer with six guys at a six seat table top. I almost felt like a free man who was not living in the slave state of North Carolina. Massa Cooper, let my people go!"

The tweet prompted calls for his resignation, with students launching a petition and others questioning how he was able to remain at the university despite years of controversial statements.

Following several days of people calling the university to report his online behavior, Adams once again tweeted on June 2, "When you write the university asking them to fire me don’t forget to leave a mailing address so I can send you a box of panty liners."

When someone asked if he believed the tweets he made were appropriate given his university position, Adams responded, "Yes. Free speech is appropriate at a university."

On June 29, UNC Wilmington released a statement saying Adams would retire from his position as a tenured criminology professor at the school on Aug. 1 "in light of the public attention generated by comments he made on his personal social media channels."

This isn't the first legal run-in the university has had with Adams.

Following a lengthy seven-year suit alleging his First Amendment rights were infringed upon, the university shelled out more than $700,000 to Adams and his lawyers.

In another statement following their announcement of Adams' resignation, the university detailed the original suit and said it would pay out over $504,000 to Adams in lost salary and retirement benefits.

"Dollars are precious, but our institutional integrity is priceless," wrote school chancellor Jose V. Sartarelli in the statement.

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