Chilling moment female child snatcher disguised as a doctor steals sick baby from hospital after tricking his mum

THIS is the terrifying moment a child snatcher disguised herself as a doctor to steal a baby from an Egyptian hospital after duping his trusting mum.

The suspect -whose identity has not been disclosed by cops -entered the Abu Al-Rish Children's hospital in Giza, near Cairo, pretending to be a medic.

Reports say she approached the mother dressed in a white coat and mask and examined her sick child before asking if she could leave the room so she could carry out further tests.

When the mum, who has been identified only as Mona K in official police paperwork, returned she saw that her three-month-old child and the "doctor" had suddenly vanished.

A source in the Cairo Security Directorate said a forensic investigation team was able to determine the route of the woman, using the description provided by the child's mother and CCTV.

After the woman fled the hospital, she jumped in a number of taxis to hide traces of her route, reports The New Arab.

 The woman and baby then travelled on public transport towards the Mohamed Naguib train station.

The child was later found with the woman and returned to his family. The suspect was immediately taken into custody.

In October a video emerged of a man attempting to kidnap a child from its mother's arms in Cairo.

However, the kidnapper soon fled when a passerby spotted what he was doing.

In 2019, we reported how a grieving mum admitted snatching a newborn from a hospital to stop her husband finding out about her miscarriage.

The woman told her husband she had gone to the hospital to give birth and would stay overnight.

However, she befriended a couple who had welcomed a baby girl and stole their child after offering to take her for a walk around the ward.

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