Cat comes face-to-face with deer in Harold Hill

Well hello deer! Moment brave cat comes nose to nose with huge buck after wild deer take over locked-down housing estate in Essex

  • A house cat resting in some bushes uses its paw to bravely shoo away a curious deer that comes too close to it
  • The deer have taken over the lawn of abandoned housing estate Harold Hill, near Romford from Dagnam Park
  • The herd are venturing into new places in their local area as the coronavirus lockdown has left them emptier
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A brave house cat came face to face with a big buck after wild deer took over the lawn of a deserted housing estate. 

The curious buck can be seen bending down to examine the little, collared cat resting under some bushes at housing estate Harold Hill, near Romford.

The cat bravely raises its paw to the buck who gets the message and leaves the cat alone. 

A brave house cat shoos away one of the deer that have taken over the lawn of deserted housing estate, Harold Hill, near Romford

The deer comes nose to nose with the collared house cat resting the shade of some bushes. The photographer said the interaction looked like the cat was reminding the deer of social distancing rules

The wild deer gets the message and retreats back to its napping, grazing herd after the cat tells it off, with a dangerous paw, for being too close 

The photographer, who took the photos on their daily walk last week, said: ‘I couldn’t believe it when I saw the cat warning the deer away it just made me laugh.

‘You could imagine someone having the same reaction if a person got that close in a shop.

‘It was as if the little cat was raising its paw and saying “That’s not two metres”.’  

 The other deer were not phased by this drama and continued napping and grazing on the newly empty streets and grass since the lockdown. 

The rest of the deer were unbothered by the cat-buck drama going on and continues their productive daily lockdown routine of napping and grazing

 The herd of deer have taken over the lawn of the abandoned housing estate, Harold Hill, since the coronavirus lockdown has left the area’s streets empty

The herd’s ordinary home is most likely the park across the road from the housing estate, Dagnam Park, where they can easily access the town’s streets from

The herd of deer have been occupying the deserted housing estate across the road from Dagnam Park since the coronavirus lockdown has left the streets more empty. 

 The herd have lived in the area for over 1,000 years but have recently become much more adventurous with their new found space. 

They are semi-wild and used to humans in the park so many local residents have interacted with them.  

The group of deer have lived in the Essex area for over 1,000 years but are venturing out and discovering new places as the coronavirus lockdown leaves streets and lawns human-less 

They are semi-wild animals and are used to their own homes being visited  by humans who go to Dagnam Park for walks and runs

The deer are quite comfortable interacting with the human residents of the area and enjoy many edible treats for their friendliness

The deer are becoming a part of people’s everyday lives as humans and buck go about their daily lockdown routines side-by-side

The deer does a double-take as it realises it has to tell the rest of the herd to cancel the ball game plans they had for the next sunny weekend

Experts have said that the deer and other wild animals are more willing to explore human areas because streets are emptier and there is less oncoming traffic 

The herd was first spotted at the deserted housing estate, Harold Hill, by a council street works inspector, Dean Zetter, who found 20 of them lying around

Lots of animals are getting the message that humans are stuck inside and are taking advantage of the cleared streets to visit new places 






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