Caroline Crouch's killer husband says he ‘deserves his punishment’ & admits he suffocated her after ‘losing his temper’

THE KILLER husband of Caroline Crouch said he "deserves his punishment" and apologised for his crime.

Babis Anagnostopoulos who confessed to killing the young mum and staging the crime scene admitted he "lost his temper" when his wife threatened to leave him and take their baby daughter.

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The 33-year-old said in his preliminary testimony he is "sorry" for his crime, reports Proto Thema.

"I owe a big apology to the people I've hurt. I know it doesn't matter now.

"What I did is not justified. Her behaviour changed after the birth of the baby, she became aggressive" he said.

He also told Ant1 news channel: "Sorry is a small word. I'm devastated… I only cared about my daughter. I hid the truth so I would be able to raise her.

"I deserve my punishment."

 The pilot refused to be examined by a psychiatrist because "I am fully aware of what happened".

He added that his only concern was about his daughter "I want one more thing," he said.

"Our child, Lydia, to go to either my family or my other family. Lydia is my whole life.

"The rows I had with Caroline only concerned our child,"he said.

  • Caroline's husband confessed to killing his wife
  • He was described as a "top actor" by police
  • Caroline's mum didn't suspect her daughter's husband "for a second"
  • Caroline's diary reveals she was planning to leave her husband
  • Babis admitted he was planning to hide Caroline's body

The helicopter pilot told cops that he "panicked" when he realised he had killed his wife after holding her down in bed as the couple were having a late-night row.

He said he was planning to hide her body before deciding to stage a robbery in a bid to fool the police.

The 33-year-old claimed he decided to try fake the murder scene as he was motivated by the thought of their daughter growing up without parents.

He even killed the family's puppy in a bid to make it plausible.

"I thought of disappearing her body, but it was impossible for me to do so. Just looking at her, I cried," Anagnostopoulos said, reports Proto Thema.

"The next thing I thought was to say that someone else did. I would tell the police that robbers entered the house. "

His story was plausible for a while, as he was playing the role of the grieving husband and Greek police were looking for a fictional gang of Albanian criminals.

Babis was described as a "top actor" by police as for over a month he was pretending to be devastated by his wife's death and even hugged her mum at Caroline's memorial.

He was eventually caught when police discovered his story did not match with the data they had found on the couple's smart devices.

Officers who had to set up a trap fearing he might flee the country, travelled to Alonnisos by helicopter asked him to follow them in order to identify a suspect they had allegedly arrested at Athen's airport Eleftherios Venizelos.

Babis arrived at court yesterday, wearing a bullet-proof vest and was charged with intentional homicide and animal abuse as well as with false accusations.

He currently remains in custody at Hellenic Police Attica Headquarters and is expected to present his defence on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Caroline's mum claimed she did not suspect her daughter's husband "for a second."

According to a coroner's report Caroline suffered an "agonising death" as her husband strangled her for at least five minutes.

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