Carole Baskin says she will not watch the Super Bowl after slamming event as 'deadly' to Florida

CAROLE Baskin said she will not watch the Super Bowl after slamming the event as "deadly" to Florida.

However, the Tiger King star confirmed that her tiger, Dutchess, will go ahead with predicting the NFL winner, but she will not be involved.

Baskin has been outspoken about her opinions of the iconic football event allowing an in-person crowd in Florida this weekend.

"Every big event like this causes an uptick in COVID-19 cases, so I expect this will be deadly to our area," Baskin told The Sun.

When asked whether she will be attending the event in-person or watching online, the Big Cat Rescue owner said "neither."

In an interview with USA Today, she said "I think every one of us should be doing our part to stay home."

She added: "I just think it’s irresponsible for people to be gathering in large groups, even though I understand they’re saying this is a much smaller group than they’ve ever had.

"But it doesn’t matter that it’s a smaller group. It’s way more people than should be exposed to each other for the purpose of watching a game."

However, despite personally boycotting the event, Baskin will still have her cat predict whether the Kansas City Chiefs or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will win the 2021 event.

"Dutchess will still do the prediction because people can and should be watching from home instead of in person," she told The Sun, adding that she will not be in the video.

She also told The Sun that neither herself, nor any of her cats, have contracted Covid-19.

Baskin also said that she has not received the vaccine, saying "we are waiting until those at higher risk have had the opportunity to be vaccinated since we can isolate."

Baskin's Big Cat Rescue has been closed for almost one year due to the Covid pandemic.

She told The Sun that she does not plan to reopen the sanctuary "until COVID-19 or any of its variants are no longer a threat."

Despite not being open to the public, Baskin and her staff visit the site regularly to look after the animals, while abiding to Covid guidelines.

"Our staff and volunteers are all temp checked upon arrival, must wear masks indoors and all times and anytime they are within 8 feet of each other or the cats outside," she said.

" We provide masks to all of them and just obtained a case of N-95 masks for them. 

"We provide testing for all of our staff and volunteers if they find they have been exposed to someone off site and they have to test clear before returning to duty. 

"We limit indoor numbers of people to five or less at a time.

"We sanitize everything all the time due to the possibility of salmonella, e.coli, etc, so that hasn't changed."

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