Care home creates a drive-through for visitors

Care home creates a drive-through so families can visit their loved ones safely during lockdown

  • Gracewell of Ascot set up a drive-through for people to visit loved ones safely 
  • The Berkshire care home keeps residents outside while visitors stay in their cars
  • Many of the cars were decorated cheerfully with balloons, flags and drawings 

A care home has found a creative and fun way to let families visit their loved ones from a safe distance. 

Gracewell of Ascot has set up a drive-through system for people to visit residents at the care home in Berkshire. 

Care home staff have worked on a drive-through system so that residents can be at a safe distance while they talk to their visitors who stay in their cars. 

Heartwarming video footage shows residents sitting outside the home with some care-workers whilst cars drive past. 

Berkshire’s Gracewell of Ascot has set up a drive-through for families to visit loved ones at the care home from a safe distance

Care home residents sat outside of the home while family members stayed in their cars during chats to maintain a safe distance

The cars are decorated colourfully with flags and balloons as households in cars chat to their loved ones. 

One woman in a car holds a sign out that reads: ‘Hi Bob we miss you’. 

Another car has a drawing of a rainbow on its bonnet with the words ‘Thank you  keyworkers’ underneath. 

People are also holding signs with loving messages and colourful drawings. 

Many care homes restricted visits during the lockdown with some banning them completely. 

The high-risk status of most residents meant care homes wanted to minimise as much potential contact with the virus as they could. 

Some cars had colourful flags on them with balloons and handmade signs and drawings all over

Family members stopped to talk to their loved ones in the care home and then drove off for the next car 

Care homes have been at the epicentre of the UK’s coronavirus crisis after it emerged that the sector had not been supported enough. 

Care homes have a death toll 10,000 coronavirus-related deaths, according to the Office for National Statistics. 

But, along with other statistics, the numbers are falling and care home deaths caused by the virus in England and Wales dropped to 37.2 per cent

The UK’s total death rate has fallen to its lowest point since the lockdown began in March after 59 deaths were recorded in hospitals today – but this does not take into account other settings like care homes. 

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