California's Gov. Newsom Being Pushed To Fill Harris' Senate Seat With Another Black Woman

Madam Vice President-elect Kamala Harris has made history as the first woman, the first South Asian woman and the first Black woman to be elected vice president. Due to this, Democratic political donors in California are calling on Governor Newsom to place another Black woman in the Senate seat Harris will soon give up.

According to Vox, the pushes to have Harris’ seat filled by a woman of color began once she was set to join the Democratic ticket with President elect Biden in August. Today, there will be a public drive, comprised of Black churches and their leaders, fraternities, members of the Black press, along with their community heads to make the plea more widely known. It will be led by San Fransisco’s former mayor, Willie Brown.

Today, 150 of California’s biggest political donors will share an open letter with Newsom to again, make their urges a more publicized matter. As shared exclusively with Vox, it will appear in both the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. ““We urge you to continue this Californian tradition by appointing a woman of color to Vice President-elect Harris’s US Senate seat,” a section of it reads.

ABC7 notes that the Black Lives Matter activist organization has supported the effort to have a woman in the seat, but were a bit more pointed with their language, calling for a Black woman specifically. They are asking for “proper representation in the Senate.”

A few of the top women nominated (by the general public) for Harris’ seat include U.S. representatives Maxine Waters, Karen Bass and Barbara Lee.

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