Brexit rules ban Britons playing Prince William in new 2021 movie

EU cannot be serious! British boys are BANNED from playing a young Prince William in Princess Diana biopic starring Kristen Stewart because of BREXIT

  • The biopic Spencer will start shooting in January after the UK leaves the EU
  • The project – set in the 1990s – is being developed by  Komplizen Film from Berlin
  • It deals with three days in Sandringham were Diana realises her marriage is over
  • Casting agent Amy Hubbard said Brexit rules from January 1 are behind the ban  

A top casting agent who worked on hit TV shows for the BBC, ITV and Netflix has banned British boys from auditioning to play a young Prince William in an upcoming feature about his mother because of Brexit. 

Amy Hubbard, who worked on the Trial of Christine Keeler, White House Farm, and Isolation Stories is seeking an 11-year-old boy to play Prince William in Spencer. 

The biopic, starring Kristen Stewart as Lady Diana is set on the Queen’s Sandringham Estate in the 1990s when she realises over the course of three days that her marriage was over. 

Kristen Stewart, will play Princess Diana, left, in a new biopic called Spencer being shot in January by a German movie company

Casting agents are looking for a boy aged between nine and 12 to play Prince William – however Brexit rules mean the youngster must have an EU passport

Casting agent Amy Hubbard said ‘it’s common on films that the passport for significant characters need to match that of the financiers’

 In a casting call, Ms Hubbard issued an appeal for young boys who could act in the role, which is believed to be fairly substantial. 

The youngster will be required to be available for almost three months. 

According to a message posted by Ms Hubbard: ‘Amy Hubbard Casting are looking for a boy with a playing age of 9-12 years to believably play Prince William at 11 years old.

‘Must have a European passport. (Not British European due to new Brexit rules from January 1, 2021)

‘Must be available from January 26 to March 30, 2021.’

The biopic is being made by Berlin-based Komplizen Film.  

Several social media users asked why a British boy would not be able to take the role suggesting it may relate to the decision to strip British citizens of the freedom to live and work across the EU.  

Ms Hubbard responded: ‘It’s not about travel. It’s common on films that the passport for significant characters needs to match that of the financiers.’

Ms Hubbard described the situation as ‘depressing’.  

The young boy due to play Prince William, pictured here in 1992 after his parents separated, must have an EU passport

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