BREAKING NEWS: Larry Flynt dead at 78

BREAKING NEWS: Larry Flynt dead at 78: Controversial publisher who founded Hustler and launched a porn empire has died in LA of heart failure

  • Flynt died on Wednesday morning in Los Angeles, TMZ said
  • He was best known for his pornography publishing empire and Hustler
  • Flynt became a First Amendment crusader and fought multiple legal battles
  • He ran for president in 1984 as a Republican but said he was a libertarian
  • In October 2017 he offered a $10m reward for evidence to impeachment Trump 
  • Flynt was married five times, and married his current wife Elizabeth in 1998

Larry Flynt, the porn publisher behind Hustler magazine, has died at the age of 78, TMZ is reporting.

He died on Wednesday morning of heart failure, the site said. 

Flynt, born in Kentucky, had been in a wheelchair since 1978, when white supremacist serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin attempted to kill him as he left court in Georgia. 

Franklin shot him and left him paralyzed, in retaliation for Hustler publishing images of interracial sex.

A self-described ‘smut-peddler’ who transformed his Mid West strip clubs into the multi-million dollar Hustler empire, Flynt was passionate about personal freedoms. 

His life was made into a 1996 film, The People vs Larry Flynt, starring Woody Harrelson, Edward Norton and Courtney Love, which chronicled his rise to fame and his clashes with religious institutions and the law. 

Larry Flynt, pictured in March 2009, died on Wednesday morning of heart failure

Flynt is seen in November 2004, celebrating his 62nd birthday at The Hustler Club in Paris

Flynt was married five times, and had five children – his daughter Lisa Flynt-Fugate died in a car crash in Ohio in October 2014, at the age of 47.

He married Elizabeth Berrios, his former nurse, in 1998.

In 2013 he told The Hollywood Reporter he was estranged from four of his five children, because he claimed they just wanted his money and were not prepared to show an interest in running his business.

It was unclear if they had reconciled at the time of his death. 

Flynt told the magazine that he maintains a special place in his heart for his fourth wife Althea, who was bisexual and died of AIDS in 1987.

‘Althea was the love of my life,’ said Flynt. 

The pair met when the 17-year-old runaway started dancing in one of his clubs. 

They married in 1976 and remained married until her death in 1987. 

In the 1996 film, Althea was played by Courtney Love. 

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