Brave woman, 104, survives coronavirus after 10-day fight becoming country’s oldest to beat the killer bug – The Sun

A 104-YEAR-OLD woman has beaten the virus, becoming the oldest person to survive the virus in the US and giving hope to millions.

Vera Mueller, from Winona, Minnesota, was given what should have been a death sentence when she was diagnosed with coronavirus March 25, just two days after her birthday.

The evil disease that has targeted and devastated our seniors but Vera was not going to be beaten, taking just ten days to shake the nasty bug off and put it in its place.

The Sauer Health Care residents son, Bob Mueller, said Thursday: "We were there this morning,

"She’s smiling and waving. For being 104, you never know. We take it a day at a time."

Mueller told local news station Post Bulletin that access to the facility has been restricted, and most contact with his mother has been through the window of her room.

But that changed after she was diagnosed with COVID-19 and was quarantined in the facility.

Vera was put on oxygen and given Tylenol to reduce her fever and take care of her pain, but as far as her son knows, the rest was all her.

"She was pretty sick until last Monday.

"They moved her out of quarantine and back to her own room. She was pretty sick that week or week and a half."

Mueller said his mother's fever came down on March 28, but she's had a cough since then, which got better until she was well enough to move back to her own room.

He added: "We never had to worry. [Sauer Health Care staff] were doing their very best."

Vera is believed to be about a week older than the previous US record-holder, Bill Lapschies, who celebrated his 104th birthday April 1.

Cornelia Ras from Holland is believed to be the oldest survivor of the disease in the world aged 107.

Mr Mueller said he and his family don't really care about the record, they're just thrilled that she made it out alive.

He added: "After we get through this, we’ll still have her birthday, she’s looking forward to that", lamenting that they had to have her 104th through a window.

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