Boyfriend murders mum of three before dumping body in her car boot with dog chain around her neck is jailed for life

A BOYFRIEND who murdered a mum of three before dumping her in the boot of her car with a dog chain around her neck has been jailed for life.

Aaron Potts, 37, choked and stabbed Barbara Quinn, 41, to death at her home in Greymouth, New Zealand last December.

While he plotted her vicious murder, he messaged an acquaintance: "Do you think I can be a monster? Just pure evil?, reports the New Zealand Herald.

Barbara's family told Greymouth High Court that their lives "had been ripped apart" by the brutal murder and told Potts to "rot in hell."

The court heard that Potts and Barbara had been in a relationship for about eight months which ended last November.

Potts didn't take it well.

The night before the murder, a drunken Potts, reportedly, drove to Barbara's house after an argument on the phone.

Potts tried to convince the victim but she told him that their relationship was over, which caused the argument to become louder.

He reportedly grabbed the 41-year-old by the arms and pinned her against in the wall, causing her to scream for help.

Her daughter rushed to her mum's aid and pushed Potts off. He drove off in a rage.


The next morning, however, he was still angry. Police found that he made internet searches finding out whether cutting wrists was the best way of committing suicide.

He then bought a dog toy and a snap knife before meeting a contact and then reportedly googling: "How to choke someone."

Potts waited for Barbara near her house knowing she would be home for lunch.

He followed her into her home and despite her pleading for him to leave, he punched her once causing her to fall to the ground.

He then threw her towards the pantry cupboard where she fell to the floor.

He started choking her and when he knew she was not responding, he "began to worry that he had gone too far" or thought he would be in "significant trouble" if she recovered.

He found a kitchen knife and stabbed her four times in the chest.

Two of the knife wounds pierced her heart, the court heard.

He then put Barbara in the car boot, picked up a Stanley knife from a garage and drove to a secluded spot near a goldmine area.

Potts apparently spent "some time" in the vehicle with the victim. He reportedly drank alcohol and watched 24 porn videos on Pornhub.

What you did was seriously criminal and callous."

The court also heard that Potts tried to commit suicide and then ran away.

Police found Quinn on December 7 in the car boot with a dog chain around her neck.

Potts was about 800m away and he admitted everything apart from using a dog collar to strangle her when questioned by police.

Ahead of his sentencing, Potts prepared a letter of apology but Justice Gerald Nation refused permission for him to read it out he believed "a lot of it was about himself."

Potts claimed that he went to the house to say "sorry" for the previous night.


The judge told the court that in his letter, Potts had talked about his mistakes "being less than desirable" which Justice Nation described as "the worst of understatements."

The judge said: "What you did was seriously criminal and callous. You deliberately killed a woman and caused irreparable loss to many."

However, Justice Nation accepted that Potts was "genuinely remorseful".

Police released a statement from Barbara's family.

"She touched the lives of so many people.

"Family was everything to Barb, her children were her world. Barb was an amazing mum and loved her children endlessly. 

"To lose Barb in circumstances like these was just unbelievable, and has left the biggest, gaping hole in so many lives.

"She will be missed forever by her family and friends. All we have now are our treasured memories of such a special person."



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