Boy, 9, weeps with joy at first McDonald’s meal after months of lockdown – The Sun

HEARTWARMING footage shows a nine-year-old breaking down in tears as his mother surprises him with his first McDonald's since the start of Singapore's lockdown.

Mum Wati filmed herself showing Adam Bin Mohammad Irwan, who has autism, a table laden with food from the chain after weeks stuck at home.

The clip opens with Atwi sat in her car and saying to the camera: "Hello guys.

"I'm [getting] McDonald's. It's a surprise!"

She buys the food and conceals it in plastic bags, though jokes: "I think the smell will give it away".

She then leads Adam through the home and into the dining room.

Adam initially thinks his mum is playing a prank, so begins to run around the table and shriek before spotting the food.

He then begins to cry before running back and giving his mum a hug.

"I thought you wanted to scare me," he says.

"I didn't want to scare you!" she says.

"I wanted to surprised you. Look, what is it?"

"McDonald's," he says.

Adam is then seen eating from a box of chicken nuggets.

Wati later shared the video to Facebook, where it has been viewed over 73,000 times.

Reacting to the clip, one user wrote: "This boy's genuine reaction is enough to move anyone's heart."

She said that McNuggets with fries and ice cream was Adam's favourite meal, adding that his "overreaction" was caused by his sensory sensitivity and mild autism.

Lockdown was first imposted in Singapore on April 7, and all McDonald's outlets have been closed since April 19.

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