'Borat's daughter' was guest at White House, came within feet of Trump

‘Borat’s daughter’ was a guest at the White House, came within feet of Donald Trump and shook hands with his son Don Jr. promo for new movie reveals – raising questions over security checks around president

  • Sacha Baron Cohen released promo footage of actress in the Borat sequel walking around the White House grounds
  • The Borat account said the character’s ‘daughter’ got in with ‘no need for security test or COVID test’
  • She was being interviewed by OANN correspondent Chanel Rion 
  • Dailymail.com observed the interview while it was taking place and saw the actress being trailed by a camera and sound crew
  • Actress later shook Donald Trump Jr’s hand at an event and is pictured at event with the president
  • Same actress took part in sting of Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani at New York hotel

An actress posing as Sacha Baron Cohen’s daughter in the new Borat movie was able to gain admittance to the White House last month – making it steps from the Oval Office and touring the press areas and grounds north of the White House.

The comedian tweeted out promo footage of the encounter hours after the release of his new film, which includes footage of a staged encounter with Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani that the comedian defended as a ‘honey trap.’

DailyMail.com was present at the White House when OANN correspondent Chanel Rion conducted an interview of the actress while being trailed back and forth by a camera and sound crew. 

The Borat character posted footage of actress Mara Bakalova, who plays his daughter in Borat 2, being interviews by OANN’s Chanel Rion at the White House. A Marine stationed behind them indicates that the president was in the West Wing

The crew didn’t come with the correspondent, and is believed to be associated with the interview subject and actress.

The film character Borat tweeted out footage of the day-trip Friday, mocking what the account cast as a security breach.

‘Trump very careful who he let into his events and house. No Covid test necessary – High 5!’

He attached footage of Bulgarian actress Mara Bakalova, who in the movie plays Borat’s daughter Tutar Sagdiyev, being interviewed by Rion.

The Borat character mocks the conservative network as ‘most rigorous news source in America,’ and includes footage of Trump calling on ‘OAN’ and Rion claiming to have uncovered ‘multiple crimes’ in Ukraine committed by the Bidens.

The Borat Twitter account sent out the clip hours after the release of his new film

A DailyMail.com reporter spotted the unusual encounter at the White House

Bakalova also walked outside the north doors of the Palm Room, which leads to the Rose Garden

She visited the White House on a day Trump displayed charts intended to show a drop in spread of the coronavirus. Dr. Scott Atlas also was there

The actress is seen in the promo clip speaking to Donald Trump Jr.

She is seen clapping after President Trump speaks at an event

Her greeting with the president’s son happened at a Turning Point USA event that was part of the Conservative Political Action Conference, where Cohen dressed as Trump and crashed a Mike Pence speech

The actress was trailed by two cameras during the interview, which didn’t make it into the final film

‘I know this because they take my daughter into the White House,’ he said – as the short video switches to footage shot on the north lawn with Bakalova. She also tours the White House briefing room, which is right outside the West Wing offices used by the president and his staff.

‘No need for security test or COVID test. They boring,’ he said. 

The scenes at the White House got cut and didn’t make it into the movie, titled ”Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.’ 

The clip then shows Bakalova in character with dark hair apparently attending events with President Trump Donald Trump Jr. 

She is shown clapping wildly while the president speaks. In a different cut, she shakes hands with the president’s eldest son and proclaims herself ‘a little bit nervous’ and ‘excited to meet you.’

It is spliced with footage of President Trump and his son at a different event, leaving it unclear whether the actress was there. 

The Borat clip identifies the White House clip as September 20, although DailyMail.com obtained footage of the encounter on Sept. 16. 

At the White House, she asks Rion: ‘Why is all of the fake journalists for the left, and none on the right?’ 

The footage with Don Jr. appears to have come during a Turning Point USA event.

Bakalov is 24, but her character in the movie is his 15 year old daughter. 

The White House did not immediately respond to questions about how the actress and potential crew got into the White House and whether there was a security breach.

It was the second time the movie ripped through U.S. politics, after the release of footage showing Borat’s ‘daughter’ in a hotel room with Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

In one scene, Giuliani falls back on a bed after she removes his microphone after getting pranked into an interview. He briefly puts his hands in his pants, but the former New York mayor said he was simply tucking in his shirt after it got messed up when the microphone was being removed. 

Sacha Baron Cohen stepped back into his Borat character on social media on Thursday to comically defend the scene.

The comedian released the highly anticipated sequel ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’ Thursday evening around 8pm, just one hour before the second presidential debate and one day before its scheduled release date. 

The footage with Don Jr. came from a Turning Point USA event earlier this year that was part of the Conservative Political Action Conference, a source confirmed to

At the same conference, Sacha Baron Cohen, playing Borat but dressed up as President Donald Trump, ran into the hall where Vice President Mike Pence was speaking carrying Bakalova. ‘Michael Pennis! I brought a girl for you!’ Cohen yelled.

This scene made the movie, while the footage from the promo released Friday with Rion did not.

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