Black Lives Matter supporter who rescued statue row protester is revealed as dad-of-two personal trainer – The Sun

THE peaceful Black Lives Matter hero who was pictured carrying a far-right protester away from danger has identified himself today.

Dad-of-two Patrick Hutchinson, was snapped with a man draped over his shoulders after he had allegedly been attacked near Waterloo Station on Saturday.

The Reuters image taken by Dylan Martinez, quickly went viral around the world with many seeing it as an example of peace set by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

Yesterday, personal trainer Mr Hutchinson took to social media to tell his thousands of followers “we saved a life today.”

Along with the hashtag Black Lives Matter, he said: “It's not black versus white, it is everyone versus the racists. We had each other's back and protected those who needed us.”

Mr Hutchinson, who lists himself as a qualified personal trainer and UK athletics coach and who links to Hercules Wimbledon Athletics Club on his Instagram page, attached four pictures to the social media post, including one of him carrying the man and a selfie of him with a friend.

Far right thugs have been accused of being the instigators of the violence on Saturday after they were seen attacking police and BLM supporters.

Videos leading up to the poignant image show a group of BLM protesters forming a shield around the white man as they make their way past the train station.

It's not black versus white, it is everyone versus the racists. We had each other's back and protected those who needed us.

It is believed the man was seen lying injured after being chased past the Royal Festival Hall.

He was then found by Mr Hutchinson, from Wimbledon, south west London, who picked him up and carried him away to safety while the trainer’s friends formed a shield around the pair as they made their way through the crowd flanked by police in riot gear.

The BLM protester tagged Ark Protection in his post, who uploaded a four minute video from the protests on Saturday which showed hundreds of men fighting with police while singing England football songs and the national anthem.

Earlier in the day there were skirmishes between anti-racism groups and far-right activists. Anti-racist protesters have rallied for days against racism and police abuses since the death of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis last month.

Several hundred demonstrators attended a protest at Parliament Square organised by far-right groups, including Britain First, which claimed they wanted to protect statues such as Winston Churchill from vandalism.

But fights erupted in areas near the Houses of Parliament and Trafalgar Square, with foul-mouth chants heard and missiles thrown at police in riot gear.

A man urinated next to a memorial dedicated to police officer Keith Palmer, who was killed in the 2017 Westminster terror attack amid violent clashes between far-right protesters and police in central London.

Police confirmed the man, from Essex, handed himself in on Sunday.

The violent scenes are in contrast with peaceful demonstrations that took place at Hyde Park and Marble Arch by anti-racism protesters in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

On Friday, statues in Parliament Square – including of Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi – were boarded up to prevent them being targeted by protesters both from the Black Lives Matter movement and far-right groups.

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