Bill Clinton appears to FALL ASLEEP during Biden inauguration

Wake up, Bill! Former President Clinton, 74, appears to nod off during inauguration

  • Clinton appeared to rest his eyes while Joe Biden gave his Presidential Address
  • The moment was caught by the hundreds of news cameras at the event 
  • Eagle-eyed viewers rushed to Twitter to joke about it 
  • Clinton, 74, has attended six inaugurations – not including his own – since 2001 

Former President Bill Clinton couldn’t seem to keep his eyes open during Joe Biden’s inauguration at the Capitol on Wednesday – and the internet went wild for it. 

Clinton’s eyes drooped while Biden delivered his first Presidential Address after being sworn in 10 minutes ahead of schedule at around 11.50am.

The moment was caught by the hundreds of news cameras present and eagle-eyed viewers rushed to Twitter to joke about it. 

Clinton, 74, was sitting next to wife Hillary and behind former Vice President Mike Pence, all of whom listened intently while President Biden spoke.  

Wakey wakey! Bill Clinton appeared to rest his eyes at Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday 

Clinton was sat next to wife Hillary. They were behind George W. Bush and outgoing Vice President Mike Pence

Bill and Hillary were seated far back from Biden because of social distancing 

Biden spoke for 22 minutes about uniting the country and ending the ‘civil war’ 

Since leaving office, Clinton has attended six inaugurations, including George W. Bush’s, who took over from him in 2001.  

Wednesday’s ceremony was different than in years past. Only 1,000 people attended it and they were selected.

The officials and former presidents who ordinarily cram into seating next to one another were this year spaced apart due to COVID-19. 

Clinton was a good 20 ft away from Biden and might have thought himself out of view.  

I’m up! Clinton looking alert next to wife Hillary at Biden’s inauguration 

Clinton appeared to be in high spirits as he arrived at the event 

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