Biden makes epic blunder by telling Americans earning less than $400,000 they will pay NO TAXES

JOE Biden made a hilarious gaffe as he unintentionally told Americans earning less than $400,000 that they will not have to pay any taxes.

The president was outlining his spending plans when he made the blunder in his speech in Virginia yesterday.

He was supposed to say that Americans earning less than $400,000 per year will not see a tax hike to fund the $4.1trillion infrastructure projects.

Biden said: "The reason I'm bothering to do this (raise taxes) is I keep hearing out in the press 'Biden is going to raise your taxes'.

"Anybody making less than $400,000 a year will not pay a single penny in taxes."

Senator Ted Cruz, of Texas, was quick to spot Biden's blunder as he tweeted: "Dems accidentally call for abolishing income tax for those making under $400k. I accept."

Biden's slip-up caused widespread amusement on social media.

One said: "Biden: I will not raise taxes on those making less than 400k a year. Me: Stands to clap in my living room."

Another said: "I like Biden promises, $400k or less – don't have to pay a penny in taxes this year."

A third social media user said: "Sweet, so I haven't filed my 2020 taxes yet and I owe. Can I show the IRS this video when they come after me?"

One person couldn't believe their luck, tweeting: "Great news @Potus said no taxes if you make under $400k."

A commenter said: "No taxes below $400k? 10,000 more years for Biden."

Another thought Biden was giving permission Americans not to pay taxes.

They posted: "He's giving us permission not to pay taxes. Awesome!!!!"

The Biden's were in Virginia to visit students at an elementary school in Yorktown. The students had shields in front of their desks as a guard against coronavirus.

The president asked them what they wanted to do when they grow up and was given an array of examples, including a fashion designer, a chef and a hairstylist.

He delivered remarks at Tidewater Community College in Norfolk, Virginia.

The travel is part of Biden's "Getting America Back on Track" tour to promote his $2trillion infrastructure plan and his $1.8trillion "American Families Plan."

He warned corporations that the wealthy must start paying "their fair share" of taxes.

Corporation tax could increase from 21 per cent to 28 per cent as part of the president's plans.

Biden’s plan includes $1trillion in spending on education and childcare over 10 years and $800billion in tax credits aimed at middle and low-income families.

It also includes $200billion for free, universal preschool and $109billion for free community college regardless of income for two years, the White House said.

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